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Ways to make money online in Nigeria

For the most part, making money is a good thing. But making money online in Nigeria – at the comfort of your home – sounds even better.

Whether you’re looking forward to earning full time, part time or just some cash to get by, you’ll find it here.

If you’re a student, job seeker, full-time employee, a business man – there are various ways to make money online in Nigeria with little or no capital investment.

This article highlights ways through which you can make money online in Nigeria and which have proven overtime to be successful.

Below are legit ways to make money online in Nigeria

1. Blogging

Blogging - How to start a blog

Personally, I feel of all the ways to make money online blogging is the easiest. This is because, for every content or anything you write, you’ll always have your audience. You can write on finance, food, real estate, travel, personal health etc. What you need is dedication and consistency. Now, when you monetize your blog, and get more traffic, the more money you make.

See a detailed guide on How To Start A Blog In Nigeria with less than N5000 – N100000 here.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you own a website, blog or you’ve got a strong online presence. You can make extra cash by promoting services, products, companies, online. In other words, affiliate marketing is advertising someone else’s products by referring customers to their online store. Companies who pay you to send customers their way include, Jumia, Konga, AliExpress, Amazon Affiliate, and several others.

3. Offering Freelance Services

This one is quite interesting as you could sell just about anything. If you have any marketable skill like, writing, marketing, designing, web development, voice overs, translation, website design, etc. There are several freelancing websites where you could offer these services and get paid handsomely. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Flexjobs and others have millions of people seeking for services that if you can offer, you would be paid. This is a venture you can start as a side gig or go full time as it’s very rewarding.

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4. YouTube Channel

Figures show that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the third most visited website in the world. You can start a YouTube channel to educate or entertain people and the more viewers who watch your videos, the more money you stand to make. Once you hit the 1,000 subscribers with a 4,000 hours of view time and you’ve enabled your channel for monetization. You’ll receive a share of your income from video advertising on YouTube.

Growing a YouTube channel is similar to starting a blog or website. You need to be natural, dedicated and consistent.

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5. Write an eBook

We all have something we are really good at or passionate about. Once you’ve identified such a thing, you can actually make money through it once you have an audience willing to pay for it. You can write on this passion or thing you’d love to teach people, then sell it on ad platforms. An example is the Amazon Kindle Store, where you publish your ebook and make money. Also there is Okadabooks, however this is not limited to books alone. You can publish short stories, reviews or any other thing worth reading.

6. Social Media Influencer

Ways to make money online in Nigeria

Yes, they are the new PRs in town! They advertise products, companies services, promote artists songs etc.

They are always active on Twitter and Instagram with a large and dedicated following too. If you are very active on Twitter and Instagram and you have a very large followership you can make money too! You will be able to earn money through advertising for brands, companies, artists etc. You can also use your page to sell affiliated products. It’s a very good passive income.

You may also earn through Twitter by tweeting through PaidPerTweet. You’ll earn an income every time you tweet a message from one of their advertisers out to your followers.

The income you receive depends on the amount of followers you have. Let’s say you are paid $5 per tweet, if you tweet a message a day for a month. That’s $150. Now, we all know what a dollar to a Naira is nowadays.

7. Online Translator

We have many people who speak several languages nowadays. If you fall into this category, there is an opportunity to make money online. There are sites such as Proz.com where you get paid to translate documents including, files and conversations. They offer opportunities in several languages, so if you understand any of those languages and you can translate any of the documents. This is an opportunity to make some cash in your spare time.

8. Sell Photos Online

If you have a talent for taking distinct pictures, you might make some money from your hobby. There are websites like Shutterstock where you can post your photos on their sites. There are always people all over the world seeking specific photos. If they download any of yours, you can earn a few dollars through it.

9. Transcription

I first heard of this avenue through a friend, it sounded unbelievable until I tried it myself. If you are a good listener, you’ll make money doing this. Transcribing is simply by writing down recorded interviews after listening to it thoroughly. Various professionals record interviews daily and need someone to transcribe for them. You can get paid from $15 -$25 per hour for a transcribed audio.

10. Virtual Tutor

Online class

You see, for every service you have to offer, people are ready to pay for it. If you have valuable knowledge in any area, you can teach others from anywhere in the world. You can teach people how to cook, speak English, play the piano etc. This can be done live via, Zoom or Skype and you’ll get paid for every service you offer

Wrapping up legit ways to make money online in Nigeria

These are some of the legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria and every part of the world. All it requires is hard work and consistency and you’re on your way to raking in money from these ventures.

Updated: January 13, 2021 — 9:01 pm

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