6 Pregnancy tips you should know

These include;

1. Maintaining a healthy body weight: Being overweight can have a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant, and being underweight, especially if you have irregular periods, can also cause problems. That’s because fat cells are related to estrogen production, and if you have too many or too few, it can throw off the hormones involved in ovulation. Being overweight can also increase your risk of insulin resistance, which can disrupt ovulation. Losing excess weight can boost your overall health and improve your chances of conception

2. Quit Smoking and Alcohol as this can cause complications in your baby such as low birth weight, birth defects, and learning disabilities. As for the men can lead to higher levels of estrogen this reducing sperm count.

3. Eliminate stress: When trying to conceive, Your stress levels may go up and this can affect your menstrual cycle causing delay or lack of ovulation.

Stress can also reduce sexual desire.

Even though We can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives, but we can control how we deal with it by finding ways to relax such as getting massages, exercising, going to the beach, or just simply doing what we love.

4. Know when you ovulate: There’s a certain time during your cycle that you are most fertile… You have to know about this period. If you have a 28-day cycle, your ovulation is on the 14th day of your cycle but you can always bank on that because you might miss it. The best way to know your ovulation date is by using an Ovulation Prediction Kit. It’s easy to use and can be purchased from your local pharmacy.

How to increase your chances of getting pregnant
How to increase your chances of getting pregnant

5. Start taking a good prenatal multivitamin that contains Folic Acid 400-600mcg, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants.

6. Eat a healthy diet consisting of nutrient-rich foods to boost your fertility. Do away with sugars, trans fat, and processed foods in general as you prepare to get pregnant.

How to increase your chances of getting pregnant - Source: New Mums Hub
How to increase your chances of getting pregnant – Source: New Mums Hub

With every menstrual cycle, a woman has a 25% chance of becoming pregnant if she’s having unprotected sex, ovulates regularly, and if the man has enough sperm. It may take a few months to actually get pregnant but If you have tried consistently for up to a year to get pregnant and it’s not happening please seek medical assistance.

You might be having a fertility issue that needs to be addressed before pregnancy can happen.

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