BloomExtra Review: Is It Legit? Read This Before You Join

Bloomextra Review

This is a a review of You are about to know more about the program.

In this Bloomextra review, you will know;

  • What Bloom Extra stands for
  • Whether Bloom Extra is legit or another scam
  • Why you should be wary of programs like Bloomextra

Let’s get started.

Before you read on, we just want you to know that while we are still living and blogging, we will make sure you never become a victim of internet scam.

What is BloomExtra?

Bloomextra Inc., is an online income program that claims to give out 30,000 Ethereum to its users by paying them 0.2 ETH for every user they refer.

According to them, they are licensed and operated by CRYPTONITS Inc., a UK based US company.

According to them, they are situated at 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU England (address has no connection with them).

And that’s all the information provided in their about page.

You thinking what I’m thinking? Good.

A quick look at CRYPTONITS Inc

There is no company that goes by Cryptonits Inc. But there is one that is (Cryptonits LTD) and is situated at 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU England (the address used by Bloomextra) according to info online.

Cryptonits is a cryptocurrency which has nothing to do with Ethereum. Even if they license Bloomextra, shouldn’t they promote their own coin,CRT? Think about that.

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How Bloomextra works

The site is working with Ethereum (not a smart contract and not an exchange) and it is designed such that users can paste their personal Ethereum wallet addresses.

They claimed to give free Ethereum. But when you paste your ETH wallet address and proceed to get the free Ethereum, the following information is what you will get.

Yes! You need to pay Bloomextra 0.05TH before your account can be activated. What’s that for?

After that you will be able to withdraw the free 1.5ETH. Who does that? Do you know how much that is in Naira or Dollar (USD)? It is over 300k. Please don’t fall for this.

Remember, if the offer is too sweet to ignore, it is definitely a scam.

How Bloomextra claim to pay its users

They claim to pay 0.2ETH per every person you refer to the platform. Before you nod your head, convert that to your currency. Don’t be fooled!!!

Even Amazon can’t pay you that amount per referral.

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Important things to know about Bloomextra

  • There is no mention of CEO or co-founders.
  • No other social media handles except Telegram channel. And we both know you may never know who created the channel. Red flag
  • Physical address: They claimed to be situated at but when you check that on Google maps, no business with that name, Bloomextra there. A red flag.
  • Domain Age: The domain name was bought from Namecheap on 02/03/2020 and will expire 02/03/2021. On/before then, expect the site to go offline.
  • Their offer isn’t real. They are neither a cryptocurrency exchange nor a smart contract platform. No business will offer you free 1.5ETH for doing nothing. Especially in this pandemic period. Red flag

Should I join Bloomextra?

If you do, you join at your own risk. And don’t forget you will have no one to hold responsible for your loss, should you incur some.

Instead of looking for free cryptocurrencies, learn to trade it yourself.

Before you join any program at all, make sure you do your own research.

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This article isn’t aimed at bad-mouthing Bloomextra nor is it aimed at promoting it. It is meant to serve as information and guide for people who may be interested.

Any decision you make should be by you and we are in no way responsible for it.

If you have been part of Bloomextra, we’d love to read your feedback.

Updated: December 25, 2020 — 6:36 pm

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