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The 8 best Psychologists experts in Couples Therapy in Paterna

The psychologist Laura Ruiz Gámiz throughout her career, she has specialized in serving people of all ages, as well as to couples and currently her services are offered online and with all possible guarantees.

Her intervention integrates the cognitive-behavioral approach together with Family Therapy and Gestalt Therapy, efficacy tools proven with which it attends the crisis of couple, the family conflicts, the anxiety, the depression or the problems of self-esteem.

Laura Ruiz Gámiz is Graduated in Psychology from the Catholic University of Valencia, she has a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology, a Master's Degree in People Management and an Attachment Training Course in the Family.

Luis Bustillo Montesinos She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and has a Master's degree specialized in the study of Sexology, which was also taught to her by this same university.

This psychologist is an expert in the treatment of some difficulties such as addiction to sex, very high levels of job stress, anxiety, or conduct disorders food.

Begoña Solaz Peris She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and has a specialized Master's degree in the area of ​​General Health Psychology, issued by the Catholic University of Valencia.

In the consultation of this specialist, some psychological difficulties are frequently treated, such as poor management of the emotion of anger, post-traumatic stress or very low self-esteem.

Irene Brotons She graduated in Psychology from the Catholic University of Valencia and later, she decided to pursue a Master also through this same university specialized in the specific field of Psychology Legal.

Over the years, this psychologist has been able to treat some psychological difficulties on more than one occasion. such as depression, lack of control over impulses, relationship crises or conflicts between relatives.

Sonia Galarza Valles She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and a Master's degree issued by the Valencian School of Psychotherapy, specialized in the specific application of Gestalt Therapy Integrative.

If we decide to put ourselves in the hands of this psychologist, we must know that together with her we will be able to treat with great efficiency, some difficulties such as anxiety, depression, developmental disorders, sexual identity problems or seizures partner.

Sara navarrete She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and has a Master's degree specialized in the study of Clinical Psychology and the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, awarded by the Higher Institute of Studies Psychological.

Where this psychologist undoubtedly manages to stand out the most, is in the treatment of difficulties such as stress labor, lack of control over impulses, complicated divorce situations or crisis of partner.

Luis Miguel Real Kotbani She graduated in Psychology at the University of Valencia and after spending some time, she made the decision to specialize in the practice of Gestalt Therapy so she took a specialized training course through the Valencian School of Psychotherapy.

This psychologist has great skill and experience treating some difficulties such as alcoholism, anxiety disorders, chronic depression, sex addiction or relationship crises.

Sara subirats She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and also, she has a Master's degree awarded by the International University of Valencia specialized in the correct use of third-party therapies generation.

We can contact this psychologist if, for example, we find ourselves going through a anxiety disorder, depression, a relationship crisis or a circumstance difficult to codependency.

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