important Notice to all members 😌

Notice Of Sale٫

Dearest Nairaquest contributors and members,

The Admins of Nairaquest Income program would like to thank you for your noticeable contributions to the growth of the site. Over time, Nairaquest has been instrumental in touching a lot of lives financially٫while also sharing information to the general public.


However, for a while now, the site has not been making Any profit. We have been left with no other choice than to put it up for sale٫This means that there will be “There will be transfer of ownership”٫Nairaquest will be under New management ٫and they might be some changes in the website.


We are heartbroken about this as much as you are but it has suddenly become too draining to hold on to. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please bear with us.More updates will be available shortly ٫ Have a great day!!!


✏️Team Nairaquest.