Nigeria exports first 950,000 metric tons LNG cargo after lockdown

Nigeria has started the export of 950,000 metric tones of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), worth N354 billion to the global market.

According to the Nigerian Port Authority, NPA’s shipping data; the product was exported through the use of 16 vessels to various ports around the world in the past few months.

The data showed that Sines Port in Portugal took delivery of 141,000 cubic meters of the product in addition to 315,900 cubic meters of LNG earlier shipped from Onne in the past six


Similarly, it stated that other vessels, including LNG Lokoja were delivered to China, Spain and the United States – 66,000 tons; Maran Gas Olympias, 70,000tons; LNG Cross River, 63tons; LNG Borno, 66,000 tons; LNG Bayelsa, 63,000 tonnes; Castillo De Caldelas, 70000tons; Valencia Knutsen, 70,000tons; LNG Bonny II, 72,000tos; Catalunya Spirit, 65,000 tons; LNG Finima II, 72,000 tons and LNG River Niger, 63,000 tons.

With its Train 6 plant, located in Bonny, Rivers State, Nigeria currently produces 22 million metric tons of LNG yearly.

The Train 7 plant under construction would on completion increase the production capacity from the current 22 million metric tons to 30,000 metric tons per year and creates over 12,000 jobs direct and indirect jobs.


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