Qatar and FIFA to stage pan-Arab tournament in 2021

Qatar  Football  Association  (QFA)  and  FIFA  have  announced  plans  to  deliver  a pan-Arab tournament that will be played in the Gulf state in late 2021, with the competition acting as a crucial preparatory event for the FIFA World Cup 2022™, that kicks off on 21 November 2022.

The competition   proposal   was   presented   to   FIFA   Council   members   via videoconference  by  H.E.  Hassan Al  Thawadi,  Secretary-General  of  the  Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) and Chairman of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022  LLC  (Q22).The  FIFA  Council  subsequently  approved  the  formation  of  the competition.

The 22-team invitational tournament for men’s national teams will be contested by Arab nations from Africa and Asia. It will be played outside the International Match Calendar. The tournament, which will be held in Qatar from 1-18 December 2021, will be delivered by Q22 and will allow the organisers to use facilities and run operations that are also planned for the subsequent FIFA World Cup 2022™.

The tournament will take place during the same timeslot as the FIFA World Cup 2022™, with the final taking place exactly one year before the Qatar 2022 final is scheduled to kick-off.

All  tournament  matches  will  be  played  at  Qatar  2022  stadiums.  In  addition  to utilising Qatar 2022 stadiums and training sites, the tournament will provide a vital opportunity for fans, players and officials to use host country facilities, including transport and accommodation.

President  of  the  QFA,  H.E.  Sheikh  Hamad  Bin  Khalifa  Bin  Ahmad  Al  Thani, said: “This is an exciting moment for Qatar and football fans across the region and  around  the  world.  This  new  pan-Arab  tournament  will  see  teams  from across  the  region  go  head-to-head  in  state-of-the-art  FIFA  World  Cup  venues and allow teams and fans to experience Qatar as a tournament host country. This  tournament  marks  an  important  footballing  milestone  for  the  country and the region, and everyone involved in delivering it will gain more essential experience  ahead  of  the  Qatar  World  Cup.”

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  1. This tournament marks an important footballing milestone for the country and the region of Qatar……

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