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The 12 best Psychology Clinics in Barakaldo

In the middle Inpsiko de Barakaldo offers specialized psychological treatment in early care and intervention in the field child, youth and also in adults, treating all kinds of disorders both emotionally and socially or cognitive.

With a professional career of 15 years in the exercise of psychotherapeutic treatment, the professionals of the Inpsiko center have extensive training and specialization in disorders such as depression, anxiety or learning disabilities in the field childish.

The Health Psychologist Amaia amalur is part of the team of professionals of one of the most outstanding Psychology Clinics in the Basque Country, the Health Center Psychologists Aldama.

In her consultation, this professional serves people of all ages and also couples, through a cognitive-behavioral approach, with which she deals with success with Autism Spectrum Disorders, special educational needs, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and difficulties schoolchildren.

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Deusto, this professional has a Master's Degree in Psychological Intervention Update and Mental Health from the Distance University of Madrid and an Expert Training Course in Eating Behavior Disorders.

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Psychology and Psychotherapy Miguel Angel It is one of the most outstanding Health Centers in Barakaldo and its team of professionals has extensive experience and qualifications, some of them with almost 40 years of experience.

The center's professionals are specialized in treating a wide variety of disorders in children, adolescents, adults and also couples, by applying the therapies that best suit each case in particular.

The services of this center are offered both in person and online and some of the areas addressed by its professionals are: eating disorders, family conflicts, emotional problems of all kinds, stress, depression and disorders sexual.

The Gran Vía Psychological Center It is one of the best options to receive psychotherapeutic treatment in Barakaldo. The psychologist Sonia de la Peña, with a history of 26 years behind her, directs the center and coordinates a group large number of psychologists who are experts in treating patients of all ages, also couples and families

The philosophy of the center is based on following a methodology adapted to each of the cases of the patients who come to the center. The progress of the therapy is carried out jointly with the advice of different professionals belonging to different areas of psychological well-being.

Those who seek to know the best psychology clinics in Barakaldo have in Albor Cohs Group One option to consider. Its psychological treatment service is focused on patients of all ages and is supported by the most effective and scientifically proven methods.

A group of experienced and highly qualified professionals is responsible for offering psychological care to address any type of emotional problem, behavioral or cognitive, being the main specialties of treatment of problems in social skills, problems of self-esteem, stress and depression.

Anyone who needs it can find it in the cabinet My Psychologist Barakaldo a group of professionals specialized in psychological therapy and with more than 10 years of experience, in the heart of the city.

The cognitive behavioral therapy It is the priority approach with which the professionals of the center work when treating patients; however, techniques that can be applied together such as integrative humanistic psychotherapy are also taken into account.

In the Viavance Center You can find a multidisciplinary group of professionals specialized in offering quality psychological care to adults, adolescents, children and families, for 20 years.

The main objective of the center is to enhance the physical and mental health of the patient and change or modify all those elements that come between the person and the complete well-being of her because of having adopted bad habits. On the other hand, one of the specialties in which this center stands out is the Mindfulness, although others are also applied depending on the needs of the patient.

Psyfam is a psychological office specialized in offering quality psychotherapeutic treatment to anyone who needs it through application of several different therapies and techniques, with the aim of obtaining the best therapeutic results in the shortest time possible.

The therapy used mainly by the center's professionals is the cognitive-behavioral technique, focused on the patient's present and modifying maladaptive thoughts. Besides that, the center also works with systemic therapy and clinical hypnosis, among other approaches.

The clinic Izaera Psychology offers professional therapy in adults and children for any disorder that the patient may present. The center's psychologists base their treatment on guiding the person and accompanying him on the path to achieve full well-being.

The main problems addressed by the professionals at the Izaera center are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, obsessions and ADHD, among others.

The Center for Psychology and Psychotherapy Ades Psychologists offers its clients a psychological treatment specialized in child, adolescent and adult psychology and also aimed at couples. A complete and multidisciplinary methodology and the continuous training of its professionals are some of the keys to the success of this therapeutic center.

The method of the professionals of this center is also based on applying a multidisciplinary and integrative that intervenes at all levels of the person, both cognitive and emotional as well as physical and behavioral. Some of the center's treatment specialties include, among many others, depressive disorders, anxiety, and phobias.

Anyone who needs a therapy center for adults and adolescents, will find in the consultation of Oscar Espín Milikua a professional, safe and quality treatment, in an environment of trust.

This psychotherapist aims to help the person change all the maladaptive aspects of her life and give her the tools to achieve it on her own once the process is finished therapeutic.

In the Osorik Cabinet we can find high quality individual and group psychotherapy, as well as family mediation and couples therapy. The center's professionals are experienced in applying a flexible, integrative and adapted treatment to the patient.

Some of the treatment specialties of this cabinet are relationship problems in the couple or family, anxiety disorders, and psychological trauma.

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