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The 9 best Coaches in Benalmádena

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The psychologist Adrián Muñoz Pozo He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Almería, he is an expert in the application of Third Generation Therapies and in consultation with him he offers a coaching service for adults.

His intervention is offered both in person and online and his specialties include: self-esteem problems, mood disorders, stress cases, and obsessive disorder compulsive.

The psychologist Ruben Camacho Zumaquero He has a degree in Psychology from UNED and a Master's degree in Coaching and Talent Management. Currently he is the director of Human Empowerment, an online personal development school where offers a service of advice and guidance in personal and professional development processes of all kind.

The main areas of intervention that he attends in the center of him are the best in personal relationships, the management of emotions, improvement of self-esteem and greater self-knowledge, as well as the achievement of any objective that the person.

The intervention of this professional integrates different psychological therapies adapted to each case, such as Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Emotional Therapy.

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Irene Pacheco She is an Executive and Team Coach accredited by the Spanish Association of Executive Coaching, Organizational and Mentoring, she is also a Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and Co-creator of the CEP Method For businesses.

The coaching service offered by this professional can be transpersonal, that is, related to processes of personal development and self-discovery; executive coaching and systemic coaching for work groups or companies.

The psychologist Nieves López-Brea Serrat She has a Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and is an expert in Emotional and Social Intelligence and also in school mediation. Throughout 15 years of experience, this professional has specialized in the fields of clinical and educational psychology and also in coaching.

Thus, some of the areas in which she intervenes in her coach service are addiction cases. to drugs, emotional dependence, eating disorders and coaching executive.

The psychologist and coach Silvia Garcia She is the director of the Reason & Emotion Center, where she offers a therapeutic care service based on psychology, coaching and emotional intelligence.

The coaching service offered by this professional can be personal, child and executive, and the main areas in which she intervenes are overcoming obstacles and limiting beliefs, self-esteem or confidence problems and fears interiors.

The psychologist Sandra Gamez she offers a therapy service for children, adolescents, adults individually, families and couples, as well as personal and emotional training for adults and children.

The main areas in which this professional intervenes are obstacles in the personal or work environment that the person may have, anxiety disorders and self-esteem problems.

The General Health Psychologist Loly Pastor In her consultation, she offers a personal coaching service for adults who want to improve some aspect of their lives or overcome any obstacle.

Some of the areas in which she intervenes successfully are cases of depression, grieving processes, counseling parents on raising their children and promoting emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

The psychologist Maria del Mar Fernandez de Motta She has a Master's degree in Child-Adolescent Clinical Psychology and is an expert in personal coaching, a service that she also offers online.

Her intervention specialties include anxiety disorders, stress cases, impulse control deficits, phobias and self-esteem problems.

Mamen Ramirez She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Granada and trained in Therapeutic Counseling with a Humanist-Existential approach.

Thus, some of the disorders or demands that she attends to are addictions, grieving processes and in general any obstacle in the life of the person that she cannot solve.

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