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Psychologists in Tuxtla Gutiérrez

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Hello! I am Doris Broca, Psychologist, Clinical Thanatologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist. In 18 years of clinical experience, Psychology has helped me guide and accompany, first myself and then others.


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I am a Psychologist and Specialist in Families and Violence Prevention. When life experiences led me to enter myself, I awakened the unconscious part of the illusion, where it is "believed" that what is seen is what there is and it only remains to fight or flee to survive. Along the way I recognized that the experiences of pain were part of the mastery of life to be able to accompany in neutrality all that person (aligned with me) to make peace with her life. Violence can be subtle, seductive or threatening, both in action and in omission towards oneself and towards others. The belief and emotional system of each one is unique and unrepeatable. Therefore the memory fingerprints of pain have their own information code according to your system and vibratory code. That which you see, live and feel, only you can undo or redo. That which hurts and you don't want any more, only you can make it stop happening. So that what you want arrives. In how to do it, it is where I accompany you. Through the discovery of oneself with a vision of transcendence, to give voice to experiences of violence.

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