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Psychologists in Los Mochis


I teach you the tools to manage conflict, to feel better, to change limiting beliefs, to live in harmony with yourself and with others. to have a relationship of trust and empathy. Confidentiality of the sessions Attending psychological therapy is not waiting for the psychologist to solve your problems, it is learn to accept and love what one is and put the necessary will to change what causes us discomfort or prevents us grow up.


My therapies from a humanistic approach, focusing people on their potential and human creativity, providing tools that give security and value to the self-esteem of the person, recover their creative capacity and be able to jump, run and smile without More expensive. Experiment and learn how to manage the emotions that you are feeling internally, in this way becoming a happy person with desire to learn, grow, live in freedom and forgive without criticizing, releasing weights and burdens that impede the individual and social growth of the human being. Personalized intervention to create a climate of security, trust, that allows contact with him. Group and family intervention promoting social participation converting and providing recommendations to achieve security in the application as agents of change.

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Psychologists in Mairena del Aljarafe

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