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We all have at some point in our lives we go through events that lead us to restlessness, something that we do not let live, let go, flow, My goal is to guide you, so that you decide the way, to guide you towards your own peace mental


I studied Lic. in Psychology at La Salle University; My Professional ID is 11868200. At the end of my degree, and while completing my service, I studied the specialty in Mental Health by the Association Mexicana de la Salud Psíquica, at the same time I was working on Lacan's Seminars and the Freudian Texts. My interest was not limited to a theory, since I have participated in congresses and conferences on Neuropsychology and mental health seen from other currents such as humanistic and Gestalt, but because of the experience, the way it works and the long-term effects that are observed, I dedicate myself to the study and practice of the Psychoanalysis.

Clinical psychologist

I am the Psic. Bryan Gomez and I can help you make a positive change in your life starting today. I am located in the City of Oaxaca and I guide people who experience periods of anxiety, stress, depression and low self-esteem. I help them feel healthier, happier, and with a greater understanding of their own mental health. I am a discreet, close and professional psychologist. To book a consultation, send a message today.

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