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Consequences of the Falklands war

All wars provoke numerous consequences in the countries where they occur, some being major and others minor, but all of them having an impact on the histories of the nations that suffer these armed conflicts. To talk about the repercussions of the war that faced the English and Argentines in this lesson from a PROFESSOR, we are going to talk about the consequences of the Falklands war.

The Malvinas War, sometimes also referred to as the South Atlantic conflict, was a conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom which took place in 1982 and whose motivation was to fight for control of the Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich.

The islands were occupied by the British since 1833, but the Argentine military dictatorship thought that the occupation of the islands would be a good move to improve public opinion of its government, since Argentina had been asking the United Kingdom for years for the cession of the islands that they considered really belonged to the Argentines.

Argentina sent its troops

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to the islands to occupy them, causing the reaction of the English and starting a war for some islands that at that time no longer enjoyed relevance. The English troops were much more numerous than the Argentine ones and in not long time the war was won by the UK, bringing defeat great consequences for the Argentines.

Consequences of the Falklands War - What was the Falklands War?

The consequences after a war can be of different types, but possibly the most important because of the relevance that come to have are the social consequences, being the ones that can most affect the population. This war brought a series of consequences in the Argentine social aspect, some of which greatly changed Argentine society. Here is a summary of the consequences of the Falklands war in the political and social context:

Economic crisis

Argentina entered the war being in a delicate economic and social position, since the Argentine government had converted to the Argentine nation is a poor region in which an increasing percentage of the population went hungry and hardships. War aggravated the economic crisis Argentina and finally social discontent caused the end of the dictatorship and a return to democracy.

War veterans

Argentine society and governments turned to war veterans, it had been a tough conflict in which many Argentines had died, and for this reason an attempt was made to offer helps veterans. All the regional governments as well as the nation have given hundreds of medals, scholarships and grants of different kinds since the end of the war for the people who participated in the war.

Deaths of hundreds of Argentines

Although the war brought deaths to both nations, the situation was worse for Argentina, with 632 soldiers losing their lives and many others committed suicide. Many families starved from the loss of family members, causing a defeated Argentine society after the war. The defeat was so serious that for years people have tried not to talk about it, with many families continuing to suffer the consequences of losing their families.

UK and Margaret Thatcher

The consequences were not only for the Argentines, since the victory in the war brought positive consequences for the British. Margaret Thatcher used victory in the war to increase your popularity, obtaining thanks to it to win the party of her the following elections. The war brought economic problems to the English, but the prime minister knew how to use the war to her advantage.

Relations between both nations

After the war, relations between Argentina and the United Kingdom disappeared, Argentines continue to maintain that the islands are theirs, while the United Kingdom considers them to be their possessions. For a decade there was no diplomatic communication between the two regions, taking a long time to reach the current situation, in which there is a relationship between both nations, although not totally friendly.

To talk about the consequences of the Falklands war we must talk about those that belong to the military fieldas military issues during and after the war are of great importance.

Nuclear weapons

It is thought, and has even been said by members of the British Army, that the English fleet that went to war with nuclear weapons. Yet the English have insisted that these weapons never came near the islands and they had no intention of using them. The knowledge of the nuclear weapons of the English has brought several discussions among the nations of the world, who consider it dangerous for any nation to have such weapons.

Material losses

Both nations lost a great deal of weaponry during the war. Neither of them had losses on their lands, both far from the islands, but they did suffer serious damage to their weapons. Even so, after the war, the English continued to create weapons, not reducing the economic amount contributed to their army, in part due to the victory over Argentina.

Change in military strategy

This war marks the passage to a new way of war, using key elements in today's war. The importance of submarines, the entrance of the nuclear weapons in the war and the new missiles more and more powerful. This new type of war is used in current conflicts in the East and therefore they are the basis of current weapons.

Consequences of the Falklands War - Military consequences
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