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Belén López De La Casa

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I am a Certified Personal Coach with nº 11291. I accompany and support people who want to: - Face changes in their life. - Know what they need. - Know where they want to go. - Discover its purpose. - Have clarity. - Focus on something that benefits them. - And a long etcetera depending on the need that sometimes, it is difficult to know and see by the coachee, our client. It is a process in which we work with awareness, emotional intelligence, NLP, among other tools that make you discover and use their strengths, resources and abilities. A way of directing yourself towards something specific that you need assuming a great change in your life and knowing how to direct it from that moment. It is a process, not one-off sessions. A place from which you start and leave behind, building what you need forward and at your own pace and with tools that you can always use, without difficulty and with my company.

Here you can see them: 1st feeling of not knowing what to do with your life. (Deep work with needs and beliefs) 2nd Need for change in some area of ​​your life. (Areas: Family, Friends, Work, Economic, Mind, Leisure, Physical, Relationship with the environment) 3rd Creation and establishment of beneficial habits for you. (Work with Weight, Eating Habits, Habits to eliminate such as Tobacco, Perseverance and practice in Meditation, etc) 4th Materialize projects that you have kept in a drawer. (So ​​they are not just a fantasy)

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My own experience, training and processes. I have been working since 2015 accompanying people for their improvement and development.

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