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The 10 best Psychologists who are experts in depression in Barakaldo

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In the Inpsiko Psychological Office of Barakaldo we will find a professional psychological treatment, adapted to the needs of each patient, mainly oriented to mood disorders and poor regulation of the emotions. The center's professionals have extensive experience in treating adult patients, adolescents, children and couples, and also in the field of neuropsychology and speech therapy.

The work carried out by the multidisciplinary team of the Inpsiko center is characterized by integrating different psychological techniques to offer a personalized intervention adjusted to the characteristics and needs of each person. Regarding their specialties of problems treated, in addition to major depression, dysthymia and others mood alterations, are anxiety, addictions and sexual disorders, among others.

The psychologist Angel Maria Pascual Blanco she offers quality psychological care oriented to a service as necessary as the treatment of depressive disorders, and she does it as part of the therapeutic team at the Ades Center for Psychology and Psychotherapy.

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The main problems that this professional addresses in her consultation are the types of depression in any of its manifestations, in which it intervenes from an integrative perspective.

On the other hand, his work is aimed at patients of all ages and is characterized by assessing the ability evolution of the patient, whatever her characteristics, and also in enhancing her innate qualities.

The psychologist Olga de Frutos García She graduated in 2000 from the University of the Basque Country and has a Specialization Course in Therapeutic Pedagogy, among other training programs. Throughout a career of almost 15 years, this professional has acquired remarkable experience in treating all types of mood disorders, especially depression.

His psychological consultation is indicated in adults, adolescents, children, couples and families, being the cognitive-behavioral orientation, the basis of his work.

The clinical psychologist Oscar Espín Milikua is an expert in the treatment of a disorder as important as depression in adult patients, adolescents and also couples, as well as any other psychological problem that the person.

In the consultation of this psychologist you can count on a professional and trustworthy treatment in the heart of Barakaldo, based on the application of different therapeutic techniques.

The psychologist Lohizune Loroño Martínez is another of the recommended options for those looking for the best psychologists who are experts in depression in Barakaldo. She graduated from the University of Deusto, has a Master's degree in Child and Adolescent Therapy and another in Systemic Therapy, and works as a member of the therapeutic team from the My Psychologist Barakaldo cabinet, where she offers quality psychological treatments aimed at treating a wide variety of disorders, especially depression.

Throughout 10 years of experience, this professional has been obtaining training, knowledge and experience to offer the best services in adult patients, adolescents, children and couples.

Degree in Psychology from the University of Deusto, Maider Fernandez Pando He runs his own psychological practice in the city of Barakaldo, where he offers professional therapy aimed at treating all kinds of disorders, especially depression.

Based on a systemic approach, where the globality of the patient is taken into account, this psychologist is specialized in treating adult patients, adolescents, couples and families, as well as in offering speech therapy care both in children and in the adult.

The psychologist Jon Keltsa Martinez He is the director and head of the psychology area of ​​the Viavance de Barakaldo center, where he offers specialized professional care in the treatment of depression in patients of all ages.

This professional has to his credit an experience of more than 20 years in the exercise of psychological therapy and his treatment is based mainly on the cognitive behavioral therapy.

At the neuropsychologist's therapeutic center Iban OnandiaWe will find a professional treatment specialized in all types of disorders in addition to depression, and carried out by a team of fully trained professionals.

Its treatment is indicated for adults, adolescents, children and couples who may need it, and it is performed by applying the ideal resource in each situation, depending on the characteristics of the patient.

In the middle Psyfam, anyone who needs it will be able to find quality treatment for depression in the city of Barakaldo, based on different professional techniques and with the aim of obtaining the best results.

There are several psychological techniques in which the professionals of the center are specialized, Among the main ones we can highlight cognitive-behavioral therapy, systemic therapy and psychodrama.

The psychologist Carlos Lamsfus Pajares It also offers specialized therapeutic treatment for depression through an integrative humanistic perspective and taking into account the particularities of the patient.

Its services are aimed at both adult patients, such as adolescents, children, couples and families who need effective and quality treatment.

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