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The best 12 Psychologists in Las Rozas

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Maria Gonzalez-Aller she is a health and educational psychologist with more than 20 years of experience caring for patients. She has a degree in Educational Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, she has a Postgraduate Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the same organization, and she is an Expert in Clinic and Intervention in Trauma and Expert in Psychological Evaluation and Psychodiagnosis, among others specializations.

This professional also stands out for being a specialist in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression and emotional disorders and related to anxiety in general.

On the other hand, throughout her professional career she has treated numerous cases of anxiety disorders, clinical depression, self-esteem problems and different types of phobias. In addition, she is co-author of the book "Difficult Situations in Therapy", an editorial work with specific guidelines to be applied in the daily work of psychotherapists.

The psychologist Maria Paz Holguín

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She has a Master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, she is an expert and has training in Interpersonal Therapy for Depression and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. In addition, she attends in person and online.

This is a very good option especially to promote self-regulation of behavior and impulses in children and adolescents, as well as when addressing school problems. In addition, she advises parents to create the most effective parenting strategies in each case.

Her intervention is characterized by enhancing the skills and internal capacities of the person to overcome any of their her problems and her specialties include depression, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety disorders and conduct.

Romina Paola Giarusso she is a psychologist and director of PSICOBAi, a center located in the neighboring city of Majadahonda.

He can treat both children, adolescents and adults, in addition to being a specialist in family therapy, learning disorders, and all kinds of mood and related disorders anxiety.

Andres García Notary She is a psychologist and professor of University classes, and in the field of psychotherapy she has 25 years of experience treating people with the most varied problems.

This Doctor in Psychology works with the most effective intervention methods taking into account both the reason for consultation and the particularities of each patient and her life context, and works through forms of intervention such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, Mindfulness or biofeedback, among others.

Some of the problems that she addresses in her consultation are depression, trauma, addictions, anxiety disorders and phobias, excess impulsivity and poor regulation of anger, relationship crises, family conflicts, and more.

The psychologist Nuria Cordero she offers her services through face-to-face or remote sessions to people of any age.

The main objective of her intervention is to achieve the well-being of the person cared for and some of her specialties are cases of anxiety and depression, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, anger management deficits, divorce and infidelity.

This professional has a degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, a specialist in the field of Forensic Psychology and trained in the intervention in cases of Gender Violence and also Violence Intrafamily.

The Clinical Psychologist Rebeca Carrasco in his office he cares for people of all ages and also couples who may have any type of consultation or problem, through face-to-face and thematic sessions, depending on the preferences of the client.

Graduated in Educational and Health Psychology, this professional has a Master in Clinical Psychology, another Master in General Health Psychology and a Master in Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, in addition to being part of the Institute of Relational Psychotherapy and The International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.

Throughout her career, this professional has specialized in applying therapies of proven efficacy in an integrated way and adapted to the client needs, the most notable of which are Systemic Therapy, Brief Therapy, EMDR Therapy and Psychoanalytic Therapy Relational.

Her services are offered in face-to-face sessions and also online, in which she treats anxiety and depression disorders, trauma, grief, relationship problems, Covid-19 disorders, stress, school difficulties and addictions.

The psychologist William Miatello He has a degree in Psychology from the National University of Buenos Aires, has a Master's degree in Psychoanalysis from University of Buenos Aires and she is a specialist in applying an integrated therapy based on the needs of each client.

Her intervention is offered online with all possible comforts and some of the areas that she tackles most successfully are relationship problems, family conflicts, work problems, eating disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

This professional has more than 10 years of professional experience and is a specialist in dealing with any type of emotional, social, family or work problem.

Encarna RabazoShe, a clinical psychologist specialized in child and adolescent therapy, has more than 30 years of experience offering professional support to children and their families. In addition to having a degree in Clinical Psychology, she is trained in Psychomotricity and Learning Difficulties, among other areas of intervention.

She is an especially recommended option in cases of ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disorders, conflicts family, high capacities, relationship crisis, emotional alterations linked to divorce, low self-esteem, and more.

Maria Elena Amo She has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master's degree in Human Resources and Organization from the same institution.

This psychologist is a specialist in treating psychosomatic disorders, anxiety disorders and conducting EMDR therapy. In addition, throughout her career as a psychologist she has treated numerous cases of agoraphobia, grief and different types of addictions.

Catalina Garcia She has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid and has taken other training courses around the field of psychology.

She has helped a large number of patients with problems related to anxiety disorder in children and adolescents by applying the renowned Sena method. She has also treated problems such as anxiety and low self-esteem.

Brígida Higueras She has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, with a Master's degree in Family and Couples Therapy from the Pontifical University of Comillas. In addition, she is also a specialist in Clinical Psychology by the Ministry of Health.

He has treated patients with anxiety, anorexia and grief disorders, conducting clinical psychotherapy for adolescents and adults.

Pedro María Ruiz de Assín Varela She has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid and is specialized in the psychology of transsexuality, as well as in the evaluation and diagnosis of anorexia and bulimia.

Throughout his career, he has helped many patients overcome situations of anxiety, problems in relationships, sexology, child psychology and people addicted to job.
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