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Intervening on anxiety problems from online psychology

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Are you very afraid of getting sick? Or fear to leave your house, to talk to people and socialize? Do you have a lot of negative thoughts and worries?

Perhaps you are experiencing a state of pathological anxiety, with / without panic attacks, or perhaps you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder... To treat it, you need to consult a specialist.

Possibly you felt identified with any of these points, or with the following characteristics and personality traits: incessant catastrophic thoughts, low self-esteem, insecurities, rigid and stereotypical thoughts, excessive fears, symptoms panic, feeling of loss of control, feeling of continual illness, need for recognition and search for perfectionism... These are some of the symptoms suffered by people who suffer from pathological anxiety.

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Online therapy for anxiety?

There are several treatments that can help you overcome anxiety problems, but what else results generated before these alterations is the treatment from Cognitive Psychology and meditation Mindfulness.

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I have been carrying out a methodology created by me for years, which has had very successful results for all those who apply these techniques. It is known that to learn to handle this problem it is necessary to enter psychoeducation, to know how to manage once and for all that emotional intensity that overflows them. The techniques go beyond free association and sheer catharsis, but aim at self-management and self-knowledge for emotional balance.

Experience in the clinic has shown me that the most useful is the combination of individual sessions (in which I focus on the problem of each person and guidance in the implementation of said cognitive resources) with the "Online Workshop on anxiety and management emotional ”, where participants can reflect and understand what is happening to them, finding simple coping strategies but highly effective.

It is also possible that patients who already have a psychological treatment can complement it with this specific methodology for anxiety, which is essential to overcome it. If this is your case, I suggest you start today with the "Online anxiety and emotional management workshop", which you can do at the comfort of your home, at the time and at the time that suits you best, and see it as many times as you need until you incorporate these new concepts. The inner analysis and application of what you will learn is essential for a deep and real change.

7 Points Needed to Frame the Framing of Distance Cognitive Psychotherapy Sessions

Psychotherapy has been modifying and adapting to the current demands of people who need accompaniment in any part of the world and that they do not find specialists in this problem where they live. That is why she has been doing online attention by video call for years (with the same efficiency as face-to-face attention) since she trusts that what I want to transmit transcends the screen completely. People who apply what we work see their mood improve noticeably from the first two weeks.

To take advantage of these sessions, it is important to keep the following in mind.

  • You have to be close to the router and have a good Internet connection, or be able to use mobile data from your smartphone.
  • Close all applications that are open on the cell phone, except the one being used for the session, or the browser windows on the computer.
  • Have a notepad and a pen so that we can record the most important things we talk about and return to the notes when necessary.
  • It is essential to be in a room with no one else. In this way, the exchange of personal and private matters is possible with total confidence and without feeling that someone is judging us (professional secrecy as a fundamental value of our job).
  • The sessions are previously agreed, and at that time a link is sent to make the video call through the agreed platform.
  • The fee and the most convenient means of payment are stipulated between the professional and the patient.
  • It is important to find a comfortable place where the patient can feel relaxed, but always taking care of the formalities as in the office, that is, he is sitting and not lying on the bed and is dressed in appropriate clothing.

How to make the "Online anxiety and emotional management workshop" a completely effective method

Fundamental ideas to keep in mind:

  • Good internet connection to watch videos without interference.
  • Be alone and in tranquility to be able to see them with full consciousness, and pay attention to the issues that resonate with you to get the necessary insight. Spend at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Take a record of the relevant topics and the exercises raised in the classes.
  • Carry out the goals and changes learned in the concrete from day to day, to really feel the well-being and the improvements.

In this workshop you will find all the most effective tools from Cognitive Psychology and Mindfulness Meditation. The benefits that you will acquire are many, such as enjoying the moment and living fully without having negative and exhausting thoughts, improving your quality of life and the way to deal with your ties, and develop professionally and personally as much as you want, without the need to suffer or suffer needlessly. They are classes already set up, very complete with short and concise videos, so that you can incorporate all the psychoeducation you need, and meditations to reduce stress. There are no schedules, you access as many times as you want, completely online.

If you want more information you can write to me at +549 3413128208 or on my profile. If you want more information about the workshop, go to this page.
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