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Psychologists in San Luis Potosí

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With 23 years of experience and more than 100 opinions from satisfied patients, going to psychotherapy is easy. Take the step that you have postponed and begin to generate your healing you will see that [email protected] We will advance along the paths of understanding and from the beginning you will know that it is possible to modify the conditions that make you prey to the depression, relationship problems, suffering, confusion and living a full life is available to everyone who applies for their development personal.

Lic. Psychology and Thanatology

How Clinical Psychologist find diagnoses, treatment and investigation of problems that relate to human behavior mi main task is to explain and understand the reasons that drive individuals to act as they do to foresee what will be their behavior and in certain cases finding the means will modify the behavior, but without neglecting the resources and healthy potentialities of the individual.


In difficult moments to deal with psychotherapy is an opportunity to build your well-being, allow me to accompany you in that process. My principle is to provide accessible mental health care, being sensitive to people's economic possibilities. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me a message at whats 44 44 45 11 07

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professional license

I have a degree in clinical psychology, with 4 years of experience, serving mainly adolescents and adults. Currently, he has done orientation via Zoom, or face-to-face therapy..

Degree in psychology

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. I have a Diploma in Thanatology from the Universidad del Sureste. I am trained in Family Relations, with an emphasis on the couple relationship. I studied theology at the city school of theology for laity, SLP. I have received various trainings in online courses such as: Psychological First Aid. Sexualities. Borderline personality disorder. I have actively participated in reading circles on the following topics: Feminist Empowerment. Logotherapy and philosophy of life. Among others. I participated in the movement for Mental Health in this city in 2019 I have served as a high school teacher I have been in charge of the Department of Psychology at high school level. I worked in the City Attorney's Office in the area of ​​Sexual Crimes and Family Violence. As well as in the Crime Prevention Department. He continued to frequently update and train in the area of ​​mental health. I consider myself a responsible, honest and ethically hard-working person.


Catalina Zepeda López, doctor in human systems consulting, psychotherapist and clinical psychologist. Certified in Brief Systemic Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Clinical Psychologist and Hypnosis Specialist

One of the best psychologists in Mexico and the center of the country, his therapy model based on scientific evidence allows the development of successful interventions.

Emotional Coach

I am Lorena Rivera, a lawyer by profession and an emotional coach by vocation. On my way accompanying the emotions of women who go through divorce proceedings, I have discovered that it is possible to live your legal process free of emotions! I invite you to write to me, to contact me. Develop an Emotional Accompaniment Program specifically aimed at you who are going through a divorce process, because I understand that the emotions you face are a lot and that many times they will not allow you to make the best decisions for you and your children; not only now, in the future as well. Life is not the same before, than after a legal process and we become aware of that from the emotional support program. In your divorce process, I will accompany you!

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