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Psychologists in Tlalnepantla de Baz

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My name is Dulce Hernández I am 29 years old and I am lic. Psychology, I am currently in the promotion of education and food, I have experience in counseling and care for children young adolescents and adults in various topics I am responsible committed to work to perform attentive friendly and formidable

Brief Therapy

If you have a problem and every time you want to solve it it gets worse and you accidentally fall into a vicious circle and that makes your relationships conflictive or null. Brief Strategic Therapy is the solution to many human problems since it works with clear and specific objectives from the first session. So it helps you discover your potentialities and abilities to use them to your advantage to meet your goals and achieve a fuller and more harmonious life.

Degree in psychology

My commitment is to provide solutions, to help you cope with situations or problems that do not allow you to be happy, we will seek together to achieve dynamics that allow a better adaptation to changes, to life, to be more functional, to start all over again, to achieve happiness and to achieve a life full.

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Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach

Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach, I am a woman who seeks to base her professional practice on moral values ​​such as honesty, respect for human dignity and professional ethics. I have more than 10 years of experience in working with children, in psychopedagogical diagnosis and care for their families. I accompany my professional practice with alternative therapies in search of personalized tools for each patient, in order to achieve changes in the life of those who come to my consultation.

Degree in psychology

I have a degree in Psychology with a broad interest in social support and a thanatological approach to the treatment of loss. I am in constant training to keep myself up-to-date, both in the field of application of psychological therapy and technological tools. I have a human approach and I seek to always remain within reach of my patients, so I have an agenda with a range of extended hours and the option of therapy by video call.

Lic. Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology

I provide Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. Focusing on short-term therapies, depending on the current problem. We discover together and I provide you with the necessary tools, to be able to solve the situation that is causing problems. We understand your emotions and thoughts that revolve around a specific situation so that your behavior is appropriate. Mindfulness has become a necessary tool to be able to focus on the here and now and thus live a fuller life.


We are a group of effective psychologists, with successful experience in different topics such as anxiety, depression, emotional dependence, grief. Our services are individual therapy, couples therapy. We serve adult, adolescent and child patients

Bachelor of Psychology

I studied the career at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, acquiring a clinical practice both in psychiatric hospitals and in penitentiary centers; institutions in which I acquired facility in diagnosis and prognosis with the supervision of psychologists and experienced psychiatrists such as José Cueli, Pedro Michaca, José Antonio Gamiochipi and others who supervised my job. Later I practiced in the Psychological Office of Dr. José de Jesús González Núñez and I was in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with Dr. Rosalba Bueno for 6 years, the last two being for educational purposes as well. I had 4 years of practice in supportive psychotherapy at the Conciliar Seminary of Mexico. I exercise as a complementary activity to others focused on Organizational Development first and currently on Educational and Vocational Guidance. My strong point is both the diagnosis and the treatment from the reeducation approach, rather than superficial changes. Technically I focus more on autoplastic (inside out) changes than alloplastic (outside in) changes.

Master in Educational Psychology

I am a professional who attends and responds to the needs of each child or young person. based on detection and evaluation. Which interventions are considering the family, mainly the management and guidance provided to parents.

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