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Expert clinical psychologist treating anxiety

Verified professional

I am an expert clinical psychologist in anxiety and stress disorders. With a Master's degree in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. therefore, I have the possibility to offer a professional service and with results. My intention is to help others. In this space of knowledge I put at your disposal tools of psychology, education, dissemination, guides and psychological therapy. My goal is to serve as many people as possible even if they do not have the necessary resources to do so, that is why I put myself at your disposal to give you the most accurate guide and help you as much as possible (This knowledge is based on proven techniques and strategies, therefore I assure you results).

PhD in Psychology

Verified professional

Doctor and graduate in Psychology, master's degree in Cognitive Science and certified by the Official College of Psychologists of Gipuzkoa (registration number GZ 02914). Clinical experience in the public health system in a mental health unit. SERVICES: Individual psychotherapy and couples therapy. Online and in person (in the center of Donostia) in three languages ​​(Spanish, English and Galician).

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I am Juncal Alzaga, a Psychologist by vocation and profession with extensive training and experience in psychotherapy and in sanitary and health psychology. We put at your disposal different treatments and techniques with which to help improve the well-being of patients of all ages: Children-Adolescents-Adults.


VANESSA SOODEEN (GZ02463) Love Live and Laugh! The process: assist you in your inner awakening. Why therapy? Sometimes things overtake us, we feel anguish, dissatisfaction or perhaps we want to develop a greater degree of awareness... For this, it is convenient to seek external support, to help reorient ourselves, to find our own resources. Therapy is a personal journey of growth and healing. The therapist is the one who assists and supports us in this process towards a more centered, fluid, spontaneous and authentic being.

General Health Psychologist

My name is Jesús Muñoz De Ana, General Health Psychologist (Registered No. GZ01503). I would like to tell you what motivated me to work in psychology, especially in the field of health. At home I learned how hard the illness of a relative can be from a young age, in my case with my mother. I realized that the diagnosis of a chronic disease changes your life and everything has to be reorganized: work, family, partner, etc. I also found that when you have the right support, you can move forward with a new and strengthened perspective. Understanding how disease affects us beyond the physical, changing our priorities, altering our plans and revealing our fears, has since become a goal. The motivation that led me to study psychology was the satisfaction of seeing how people continued to integrate their illness into their lives. I have been helping people like you for more than 15 years. From experience I understand that having to go to the psychologist is one of the reasons why many people do not have the care they need. right now taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health.

Health Psychologist / Psychotherapist

I am a Health Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and Psychotherapist. My training and my way of working in psychotherapy is based on Gestalt therapy. I have experience in different fields of Psychology. I have worked in areas such as geriatrics and other neurological diseases, group formation, gender violence and empowerment. My journey has given me knowledge and experience. How could it be otherwise, my personal work and training in psychotherapy have given me and provide the tools, attitude and skills necessary to be able to accompany other people on their own processes. On my website you have information available about my way of seeing Psychotherapy and other aspects that may be of interest to you.

Degree in psychology

I am Alicia Martín, graduated in Psychology and trained as a Life Therapist and personal and emotional coach. I have done various programs as a regular contributor to the radio show, "Les mil i una nits" on related issues about the couple. At present, my first book on it entitled: "I love you free... well understood love", on the relational paradigm, has been released. I open a consultation now in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián, after 20 years of work and training in Barcelona.


Iñigo Ibarzabal. Psychologist in Donostia - San Sebastián. I have been working with adults, minors and families for more than ten years. I offer sessions in Basque and Spanish. You can see all the contact information at https://iñ

Psychologist - Psychotherapist

I am dedicated to the advice, support and search for solutions of those people who, at a certain moment, present any type of discomfort, difficulty or psychological alteration (emotional, cognitive or behavioral) that interferes in their daily life, preventing an adequate development of their activities and / or relationships everyday.

Health psychologist

The symptomatology that the patient is suffering is worked on, taking into account the uniqueness of each subject. Another way is developed to cope with the internal conflict that sustains you, with the aim of appeasing the anguish and anxiety that you may feel. The symptoms that each subject presents have a function in subjectivity and in dealing with the patient deepens into it, giving light to what causes suffering but has no possibility of seeing with clarity. It is about revealing the true cause of psychological discomfort and guiding the patient from his own desire. The fact of putting words to what until now has not been able to represent and be able to historicize its past, allows us to connect with which he remained unconscious and in this way open the possibility of positioning himself in another way in the present and in the future. This produces a pacification and a new know-how with himself and with the world around him.

Health psychologist specializing in Neuropsychology

Passionate since I can remember science and knowledge in general, I studied Psychology to try to understand what motivates us to feel and think in a certain way and why we are the way we are and do what we make. Later I decided to specialize in Neuropsychology, in order to better understand the relationship between brain, behavior and disease, expand my training in the field of rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation in order to apply the knowledge acquired from neurobehavioral techniques to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of deficits and syndromes neuropsychological. In recent years I have been trained in the field of new technologies applied to Psychology, such as Virtual Reality Therapy and Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. I believe that in the present and in the near future of this discipline the neurosciences and the new Technologies will play a fundamental role in the development of increasingly effective techniques and therapies and effective.

Degree in psychology

When deciding, he already knew where he wanted to walk; what would my steps be in the future... everything was related to the human being. You and I. I decided to start this path some time ago in Buenos Aires at the university that bears her name. Some year later, once psychoanalysis was already an old acquaintance, I decided to change, to start another path, a path at the University of Palermo that would lead me to know the cognitive behavioral psychology with which I have learned to help you treat depression, anxiety, those emotions, actions and thoughts that generate discomfort, the lack of desire. And through systemic psychology we can resolve conflicts with the couple, the family through new styles and healthier forms of communication for everyone. Having learned Gestalt therapy makes me able to help you together to talk about where you are, How did you get there, and learn to do in other ways to be able to choose what options to take on this path of lifetime. It has been more than 15 years since it all started. My name is Angeles, I am a part of what you can read here and my vocation is Psychology

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