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70 famous phrases of Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo is one of the most outstanding Mexican artists in the world of painting, serving as an inspiration to other well-known painters such as Pablo Picasso or Duchamp.

Her life was difficult, marked by polio and the consequences of a traffic accident. It was after the latter that she began to paint, generally using motifs typical of her culture and expressing her thoughts, feelings and experiences in her works.

But in addition to her pictorial works, she also left us various reflections, some of which we collect in these phrases by Frida Kahlo.

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Frida Kahlo quotes

Here we show you 65 phrases by Frida Kahlo that allow us to get closer to her thoughts, beliefs and experiences. An exciting life embodied in invaluable reflections.

1. I paint flowers so they don't die

In this phrase the artist expresses her will to preserve for posterity that which is worthy of appreciation, admiration and respect.

2. Feet, why do I want them if I have wings to fly?

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The need to dream and imagine allows us to achieve goals that would otherwise be impossible for us.

3. She was a lonely flower, a joyful butterfly you landed there; then the pollen of another more fragrant flower called, and the butterfly flew

This phrase refers to the painful experience of betrayal and infidelity. The artist's husband was unfaithful to her sister, causing the artist great suffering.

4. Sometimes I prefer to talk to workers and bricklayers than to those stupid people who call themselves cultured people.

This phrase reflects that sometimes people of high social class and with an education superior to the average use their supposed cultural level to feel superior to others, while the most humble may be more respectful.

5. Man owns his destiny and his destiny is the earth, and he himself is destroying it until he has no destiny

The well-known painter expresses her belief that we are destroying our world, and incidentally ourselves, with our irresponsible actions in aspects such as politics and the environment.

6. I tried to drown my sorrows in alcohol, but the damned learned to swim

The consumption of alcohol or other substances does not fix our problems, but only postpones and prolongs them over time.

7. Who would say that spots live and help to live? Ink, blood, smell… What would I do without the absurd and the fleeting?

We often focus too much on the long term and big goals, not appreciating the role and importance of the little things or the ridiculous.

8. Don't let the tree of which you are the sun make thirsty

This phrase urges us to care for and protect those we love, not to allow relationships to die and be lost.

9. Walling off your own suffering is risking being devoured from the inside

Keeping things away and not expressing pain and suffering causes us to stay inside, making us suffer.

10. Why do I call him my Diego? He was never and never will be mine. It belongs to himself ...

In this sentence in which she mentions her husband, the artist tells us that the couple we are with is not It is ours, it is not a possession but someone free and independent who can decide for himself. same.

11. Pick a person who looks at you like you might be magic

This phrase pushes us to look for a partner that we are passionate about and for whom we are important.

12. If I could give you one thing in life, I would like to give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then will you realize how special you are to me

Sometimes people are not aware of how valuable and special they are to others.

13. I paint myself because I'm the one I know best

We can know a person a lot. We may even know details of others that they themselves are not aware of. But in reality, who we know best is ourselves, what we think, feel and believe.

14. So many things to tell you and so few come out of my mouth. You should learn to read my eyes when I look at you

Sometimes when we feel something for someone we are not able to express it clearly or make it clear to them how important it is to us.

15. I take care of you what you take care of me, I talk to you how you treat me and I believe what you show me

Words can be precious, but what matters is what we demonstrate by our actions.

16. At the end of the day, we can take a lot longer than we think we can

We are stronger than we think.

17. The most powerful art in life is to make pain a talisman that heals, a butterfly that is reborn, blooming in a festival of colors.

This phrase tells us about the importance of overcoming our pain and taking advantage of it to grow and learn from it instead of letting ourselves be carried away.

18. I wanted it until my dignity said: it's not so bad

Loving someone or something does not imply that we should lower ourselves and accept everything in order to keep them by our side.

19. Each tick-tock is a second of life that passes, runs away, and does not repeat itself

This phrase pushes us to take advantage of our limited time and dare to live as we want to.

20. Fall in love with yourself, with life and then with whoever you want

The artist indicates to us the need to love oneself and then the world before pretending to love someone.

21. Everything can have beauty, even the most horrible

In everything that exists it is possible to find some kind of beauty, something positive and beautiful.

22. If you act like you know what you're doing, you can do whatever you want

Believing in ourselves and in our possibilities opens the doors to achieve any goal.

23. Who gave you the absolute truth? There is nothing absolute, everything changes, everything moves, everything revolutionizes, everything flies and goes

There is no one who has the absolute truth, as it can change with perspective and over time. Everything can change.

24. I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality

The author tried to reflect her emotions, feelings and real experiences. It reflected what he had lived and how, not what he could be or become.

25. I am my own muse. I am the person I know best. I am the person I want to improve

Being able to capture your own beauty, to feel admiration for yourself, to identify the good we have and what we can improve, is essential.

26. Tree of hope, stand firm

Maintaining hope is what allows us to emerge when things go wrong, to set out on new and better goals, and to live our lives the way we want to.

27. Beauty and ugliness are a mirage because others end up seeing our interior

The physical aspect, although initially it can attract or repel us, is not decisive when it comes to the truth when we take into account a person or what they awaken us.

28. Where you can't love, don't delay

If relationships are not working despite all attempts to fix them, there is no point in perpetuating the situation and causing even more suffering.

29. She used to believe that she was the strangest person in the world, but then I thought among so many people in the world there must be someone who feels like me, quirky and flawed. I imagine she's out there thinking about me too. Well, I hope that if you read this you know that yes, it is true, I am here and I am as strange as you

Sometimes we think we are strange, unable to be understood by anyone in the world. The truth is that many people have felt the same way throughout their lives, and that we all have our own strangeness and shortcomings.

30. I don't really know if my paintings are surreal or not, but I do know that they represent the most frank expression of myself.

The author, who did not identify with surrealism, tried to reflect her interior and her identity in her works.

31. There is nothing more beautiful than laughter

Laughing is one of the great pleasures of life, which is shared and makes us see the beauty of life.

32. I look forward to the departure and I hope never to return

Everything has an end, even life, and this should not make us bitter. It is part of life and inevitable, and it allows what we do during our time to have value. This phrase she uttered shortly before she died, she being aware that she was approaching the end of her.

33. There are some who are born with stars and others with stars, and even if you don't want to believe it, I am one of the most starry

There are people to whom for some reason it seems that everything is going well and others to whom the opposite happens. The important thing is to fight to achieve what we care about, whether the circumstances accompany us or not.

34. Never in all my life will I forget your presence. You welcomed me shattered and gave me back whole, whole.

Words of thanks to those who cared and helped the artist recover from the pain. In this specific case, she refers to hers at that time, her husband.

35. You deserve the best of the best, because you are one of those few people who, in this miserable world, are still honest with themselves, and that's the only thing that really counts.

Be authentic and acknowledge to ourselves our successes and mistakes. To be as we are by accepting ourselves. Unfortunately today most people tend to behave not as they are but as they think they are required to do, and they deceive themselves by trying to give an image of perfection.

36. What doesn't kill me feeds me

Although it is painful, we learn from everything we live and we can grow and mature thanks to it.

37. Can you make up verbs? I want to tell you one: I love you, so my wings spread enormously to love you without measure

Love makes us experience and discover new things both in the world and in ourselves.

38. Pain, pleasure and death are nothing more than the process of existence. The revolutionary struggle in this process is an open door to intelligence

This phrase prompts us to fight, accepting that both pleasure and pain are part of life and that we must not allow it to stop us.

39. Surrealism is the magical surprise of finding a lion inside a closet, where he is sure to find shirts

In this phrase, Frida Kahlo speaks of surrealism as a strange and surprising style.

40. Give me hope, hope, will to live and do not forget me

In this sentence the artist asks for some of the main things that drive us to fight for what we want.

41. No place is sadder than an empty bed

Loneliness is a phenomenon that fills us with sadness and diminishes the ability to get excited.

42. If you want me in your life you will put me in it. I should not be fighting for a position

Love is something that must be reciprocal and in which both members must give and receive. Each one is independent and should not beg for the love of the other.

43. I, who fell in love with your wings, I will never want to cut them

This phrase tells us that we must respect and not try to change what made us admire and love someone.

44. Many times in pain are the deepest pleasures, the most complex truths, the most certain happiness

Feeling pain and suffering does not have to be bad, since it can lead us to discover new things and adopt new ways of life and thinking.

45. The most important part of the body is the brain. I like my eyebrows and my eyes about my face. Other than that I don't like anything else. My head is too small. My breasts and my genitals are ordinary. Of the opposite sex, I have a mustache and a face in general

The painter defended that physical appearance was not the most important thing in a society where beauty was excessively valued.

46. I am free to give myself the mother

Frida Kahlo defended the right to do what she really wanted to do, having the right to make mistakes if she wanted it that way.

47. I don't want a love that is half, torn and split in half. I have fought and suffered so much that I deserve something whole, intense, indestructible

This phrase pushes us to fight to get what we want, and not settle for the crumbs.

48. I believe that little by little, I will be able to solve my problems and survive

Despite the different health problems that she suffered throughout her life, the artist shows in this phrase a great ability to overcome.

49. So absurd and fleeting is our passage through this world, that it only leaves me calm knowing that I have been authentic, that I have managed to be the closest thing to myself

Again Frida Kahlo lets us see the importance of being who we are and being faithful to what we are and believe.

50. What is my way? Wait? Forget you? Do what you do, go into the arms of one and the other, today sleep with someone and tomorrow with a different one?

The author wonders what the response should be to the betrayal and disenchantment that she supposes with respect to the person she loves.

51. I live each day hoping to see you return... and each night knowing that you are not here

In this phrase, Frida Kahlo expresses melancholy for someone who is no longer by her side.

52. She already sees that I neither have the language of Cervantes, nor the aptitude nor poetic or descriptive genius, but you are an ax to understand my relaxed language

The artist says that it is not necessary to make flourishes or use metaphorical languages ​​to make herself understood.

53. Wanting to discover and love what has been discovered. Hidden. With the pain of always losing it

The urge to discover is something that drives us to experiment and develop new ways of doing things.

54. Sadness is portrayed in all my painting, but that is my condition, I no longer have composure

Part of the artist's works reflect painful moments in her life or the vision she had of them. Still, the artist defended her right to express that pain and sadness, which otherwise could have accumulated inside her.

55. Of the most evil year, the most beautiful day is born

Even in the worst moments, hope can be found and that which drives us to fight.

56. I don't want to talk to you because they say that the fish dies through the mouth and whenever I talk to you, I end up dying a little more

This phrase expresses the pain caused by her relationship with the one who was her husband.

57. The world belongs to those who are born to conquer it and not to those who dream that they can conquer it

Dreaming is essential, but it is not enough if we want to achieve something. For our dreams to come true we must act and not just imagine it.

58. I spend my life cloistered in this fucking mansion of oblivion, supposedly to recover my health and to paint in my spare time

Frida Kahlo's life was hard and short, full of illnesses, recoveries (she underwent more than thirty surgeries due to her accident) and disappointments.

59. Although I have said "I love you" to many and have dated and kissed others, deep down I have only loved you

Loving is not easy, and even when we want to leave behind a love that has hurt us, we can still love that person.

60. I would like to give you everything that you would never have had, and even then you would not know how wonderful it is to be able to love you

Loving someone makes us feel lucky, and wanting the loved one to get all the happiness in the world. The same that makes us feel.

61. Doctor if she lets me drink this tequila I promise not to drink at my funeral

Said by the artist shortly before she died, she reflects that even in hard times we must try to keep our spirits and a sense of humor.

62. And there is in it (her life) so much intensity, so much interest, that the problem is just knowing how to live it

This phrase refers to life and in that the main problem or question to solve that each of us have is how to live it.

63. In this messy life you suffer a lot, brother, and although you learn, a solid rete resents it in the long run, and no matter how much I do to make myself strong, there are times when I would like to throw the harp

Although we have to fight for our dreams, it is normal that in the face of life's hardships we feel sad and we want to give up and stop fighting.

64. You know well that sexual attractiveness in women ends up flying, and then they have nothing left but what they have in their head to be able to defend themselves in this filthy life of hell

In this phrase, Frida Kahlo expresses that beauty ends up withering. It encourages us to take more into account our own intelligence and stop giving so much importance to the physical.

65. Live life

One of the most positive phrases of the author, pushes us to enjoy our life with optimism.

66. I feel like I always loved you, since you were born, and before, when you were conceived. And sometimes I feel like you were born to me.

Dedicated to her lover.

67. I want to build. But I am but an insignificant but important part of a whole of which I am not yet aware.

A lovely look into the future.

68. As always, when I get away from you, I carry your world and your life in my gut, and that is what I cannot recover from.

Always melancholic.

69. I love you more than my own skin.

A sample of love without borders or limits.

70. I don't need to buy dresses or other similar things, because as a “Tehuana” I don't even wear panties or wear socks.

About his peculiar style, deeply rooted in his cultural origin.

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