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Psychode Psychology Institute

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The Psicode Institute is a benchmark within Psychology in Spain. There are more than 5000 patients treated since the inauguration of the center in 2006 and three locations: Madrid, Alicante and Valladolid, in addition to online therapy and Europe, the US and Latin America. We carry out your treatment in as few sessions as possible and you will feel much better after just a few therapy sessions. We work with short therapies and scientifically validated techniques that work in the short term. Each therapy session will be useful to you and will help you feel better and achieve your goals. Among our specialties, couples and sexual therapy stand out, as well as the treatment of emotional problems, obsessions, anxiety and depression.

The Psicode team collaborates by bringing psychology closer to people's lives by writing articles for the press (BBC News, Informativos Telecinco, newspaper El Mundo, newspaper El País, La Razón, El Confidencial and others), collaborating in different TV programs (Telemadrid, TVE1, Cuatro TV) or preparing psychology documentaries (Efecto Naim program, documentaries for EL World).

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We perform online therapy in English and Spanish

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