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Spanish civil war: countries involved

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Spanish civil war: countries involved

In this lesson from a PROFESSOR we will dwell on one of the most tense moments experienced in the Spain of the 20th century, this being the Spanish Civil War. We have to bear in mind that there are many historians who see in this event the prelude to what was the Second World War, due to Among other aspects to which several countries intervened in said conflict, which were testing their weapons for the imminent European war. In this way we will gradually break down the countries involved in the Spanish Civil War so that you know, better, what really happened.

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  1. The fascist camp
  2. The Republican side
  3. The non-intervention committee

The fascist camp.

We begin by talking about the countries involved in the Spanish Civil War focusing on the fascist camp. Since the beginning of the military uprising, we will find Italia and Germany, supporting the military troops of Francisco Franco. We know that on July 20, 1936, Franco was in Africa waiting to cross the strait, but the republic's troops had him blocked on the continent. For this reason he sent several ambassadors to Italy to help him and thus be able to disembark with the colonial troops in the Peninsula.

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This help came from his own Benito Mussolini, which gave twelve planes to clear the way for the infantry troops, the problem that two of them ended landing in Algeria and in this way all Europe learned of the intentions of the Italians to help the side that had gotten up.

On the other hand, ambassadors were also sent to Berlin, in which Hitler also agreed to offer help, sending a series of transport planes, as well as fighters so that General Franco could carry out a airlift between the two continents and thus be able to mobilize more than 13,000 soldiers in just over two months.

Within the help provided by the fascists, we will find one of the best known actions and that it would also be reflected in one of the most famous paintings in Spain and the world, such as the bombardment of Guernica, where aviation Condor German tested new weapons that she would later use in WWII.

It is because of that many people see the Spanish Civil War as a laboratory where the other European countries were using weapons that they would later use in the war in Europe.

In this other lesson from a TEACHER we will discover the sides faced in the Spanish Civil War.

Spanish Civil War: Countries Involved - The Fascist Side

The Republican side.

We continue to discover the countries involved in the Spanish Civil War to talk, now, about Republican allies. The situation of the government of the Spanish Republic was economically unsustainable, to which we owe to add that the majority of the army had risen up against the government, making it impossible to defend the country.

For this reason we will also find a series of petitions to different parts of democratic Europe, the first to which asked for help went to our neighbor, France. At first, the president of France would agree to send a series of planes to safeguard the freedom of the neighboring country, but a leak caused great tension in the French people, for which they had to start behind. Over time it is known that they arrived but totally unarmed, so that the Spanish government would use it as it could.

At first it was thought that it was the French right who prevented the planes from being sent, but a report Later he warns us that it was the neutrality imposed by Great Britain that made France take a step behind.

Thus the Republic asked the Soviet Union for help, These were providing weapons, transport and other elements necessary for the battle. All this was paid for with the well-known name of the moscow gold, which came from the gold reserves of the Bank of Spain. This fact would leave Spain even worse off than it was before the war.

But even though help was obtained, we must know that it received very outdated weaponry, which barely worked and also received an ammunition that was not suitable for the weapons requested, therefore the troops of the Spanish Republic had it very difficult from the beginning.

On the other hand we will find the creation of the famous International Brigades which were formed through the USSR and were non-military troops that, in the form of guerrillas, would act both in the Spanish Civil War and in World War II. These troops came from all parts of the world, both from countries where there were republics, and from countries in which fascism had made a dent.

It can be said that in Spain some 35,000 men to help the republic. We know that for him September 21, 1928, there were very few international people left in Spain to defend the republic, because little by little the countries had gone withdrawing aid, due in large part to the casualties that were being caused and later because a non-intervention committee which countries began to join.

Spanish Civil War: Countries Involved - The Republican Side

The non-intervention committee.

Continuing with the summary of the countries involved in the Spanish Civil War, we must know that, from practically the first moment, England decided to remain neutral before the events that occurred in the Iberian Peninsula, a thought that was transferred to the other countries of Europe.

That way the first ones who decided agree not to act were Great Britain and France To which 27 European countries were added (no writing was ever made on these terms). Many of the British attitudes towards the war were due to the fear that it would fall under the orbit of the Bolsheviks, therefore we will find a certain pass to Franco's policies.

In this way we will find that most countries did not intervene directly in operations, but used to block possible aid from other countries. So the British Navy in the Cantabrian Sea It was one of those that acted the most, but after a series of attacks on non-military targets, it was decided to leave the blockade.

Due to this committee, many countries, as we have commented previously, were withdrawing the troops loaned to the republic, since they saw that this war event was leading to much worse positions in Europe, in which the radicalisms were reaching too high heights, giving indications that World War II was about to break out. Therefore, they had to stop helping another country in order to start preparing their borders for a possible war.

In this video of a PROFESSOR we discover how he was Europe before the Second World War.

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