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Recal Addiction Treatment Clinic

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The Recal Addiction Treatment Clinic is located in the municipality of Majadahonda, Madrid. Its unique design guarantees all its patients a stay in a quiet and safe environment, in the strictest confidentiality. The Clinic offers a residential treatment with capacity for 24 patients. We help anyone who wants to stop consuming, whether substances or behaviors, from a multidisciplinary model in that doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists in different areas accompany patients on their way to Recovery. We also have a second phase to ensure abstinence. Likewise, we have groups of adolescents with risky behaviors to prevent addiction and accompany their families.

We treat substance addictions (alcohol, cocaine, tranquilizers, joints ...) and behavioral addictions (video games, sex, shopping, compulsive gambling, codependency ...). We work with the Minnesota Model, a proven model of maximum efficacy throughout the world for the treatment of addictions. Our results support this, maintaining abstinence in the long term. Our approach not only works with the addict but also with the entire family system, helping each member to get through this period successfully.

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We work with the person in an integral way, for which all our specialists are in continuous training. We consider that it is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illness, which requires an approach by specialized professionals in each of these areas. Apart from doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, we also have art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, dietician, sports, meditation... To achieve our goals we rely on group therapy, accompanied by individual therapy.

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