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J. Jesus Soto Martin Del Campo

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He studied the psyche, behaviors and ways of relating to individuals, working on their prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation, offering treatment personalized that attends to the personality alterations that exist in childhood, adult life or old age of each individual, helping to adapt to the environment socio-family and work.

I work with an eclectic approach Eclecticism is an open and integrative form of psychotherapy which is adapts to the unique needs of each specific person, depending on the problem and the objectives of the treatment. To do this, he took into account a variety of methods and techniques from different approaches to determine the best combination for each particular case.

Capacity for abstraction, analysis and synthesis. Emotional intelligence capacity. Ability to identify, formulate and solve problems. Autonomous learning ability and constantly update Ability to apply knowledge in practice. Interpersonal skills. Understand complex interrelationships (systems thinking, holistic) Adaptability to new situations. Logical and analog thinking ability. Conflict management and negotiation skills

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J. Jesus Soto Martin Del Campo

He studied the psyche, behaviors and ways of relating to individuals, working on their prevention...

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Paulina Rocío Zúñiga Vázquez

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Victor Manuel Flota Diaz

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