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The 75 best phrases of Joan Manuel Serrat

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Joan Manuel Serrat is one of the great figures of music best known Spanish and Catalan. Born in 1943 to a Catalan father and Aragonese mother, this musician, singer-songwriter, writer and poet (who also worked in some occasion as an actor in the 60s and 70s) has been awarded numerous times for his contribution to musical culture and literary.

The copla, the tango, the boleros and the tribute to different great figures of poetry such as Machado, Lorca or Neruda are distinctive elements of his work, making works both in Catalan and in Castilian. In fact, he would come to represent Spain in Eurovision with the song "La, la, la", but he intended to sing it in Catalan, as a protest against the marginalization of that language during the years of the dictatorship, ended up giving the singer the job Massiel.

Below you can find a selection of 75 phrases by Joan Manuel Serrat that bring us a little closer to the thought and way of seeing the life of this figure of Spanish music.

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Phrases and verses by Joan Manuel Serrat

This collection of phrases by this well-known musician, poet and singer-songwriter can help you better understand his work and his way of seeing things.

1. There is nothing more beautiful than I have ever had, nothing more loved than what I lost. Forgive me if today I look in the sand for a full moon that scratched the sea

What we lose or have never achieved is usually what we want the most and what motivates us to continue fighting. What drives us to dream.

2. Wherever you are, you will like to know that I could forget you and I did not love you, and no matter how cold my sad night was, I did not put one of the kisses you gave me on the fire.

A breakup or heartbreak It can cause deep suffering, but that does not imply that everything beautiful and beautiful that this relationship meant is erased.

3. Love is not literature if it cannot be written on the skin

It is very good to theorize about love, but the important thing about this concept is not to understand it but to live it. Only those who love can understand it and see the beauty of it.

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4. I prefer to want to be able, to touch than to tread, to win to lose, to kiss than to quarrel, to dance to parade and to enjoy measuring. I prefer to fly to run, to make to think, to love to love, to take to ask. First of all I am in favor of living

This phrase prompts us to focus on truly living and experiencing the good things in life, rather than simply observing them.

5. Without utopia life would be a rehearsal for death

Utopias may be unattainable, but not essential because they allow us to get excited and fight to achieve something as close to our dreams as possible. If we could have everything we wanted there would be no point in trying.

6. The truth is never sad. What he does not have is remedy

The reality can be harsh. We cannot control what happens or how things are. But that does not make it sad, but the latter depends on how we deal with it.

7. Today can be a great day, think about it like this, take advantage of it or pass it by depends in part on you

Good or bad things can happen in life, but we must act and live if we want to have a rich and happy life.

8. Each madman with the subject of him, against tastes there are not nor can there be disputes, artifacts, beasts, men and women, each one is as he is, each one who is each and goes down the stairs as he wants

Each one must live his life with freedom and how he wants to live it, and he must be able to have the preferences and be able to do the things he wants as long as he does not attempt against the freedom of others.

9. Do not choose just a part, take me as I give myself, whole and as I am, do not go wrong

This phrase makes us reflect on the need to accept and love others as they are, without idealizing them or focusing only on a specific part.

10. I don't know if I like more about you what differentiates you from me or what we have in common

Both the similar and the different can provoke both attraction and repulsion. In dealing with people, we are usually attracted by a strange mixture of the two opposites (although relationships in which there are more similarities than differences seem to work better).

11. In this life the important thing is not what happens to you, but how you face it

Serrat tells us that what is really relevant is how we take things and how we deal with them, regardless of the things that we have to live. We choose how to deal with them.

12. It would be great if there was nothing urgent, never pass by and serve a purpose, go through life without compliments calling things by name collect in kind and feel well treated, and piss off the laughter

This phrase, in short, is about encourage us to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

13. They are those little things that a time of roses left us in a corner, on a piece of paper or in a drawer. Like a robber lurking behind the door. They have you as much at their mercy as dead leaves

The power of small things and their importance when it comes to enjoying life despite the fact that they are not usually taken into account.

14. I always think that when a river passes through a place and the human being insists on diverting its course, even when develop engineering works, generates that at a certain moment the river runs wherever it wants

Nature runs its course regardless of what we do and how we try to manipulate it. This applies both to the natural environment and to our interior.

15. The miracle of existing, the instinct to seek, the fortune to find, the pleasure of knowing

This phrase sums up some of the great little things in life that make us enjoy.

16. For you, for you my sun shone one day, and when I think of you it shines again, unclouded by the melancholy of fleeting eternal loves

Thinking about the loved one makes the sensations and emotions that their simple presence provokes resurface, which causes us to re-awaken the illusion and the desire for more.

17. Children often resemble us, thus they give us the first satisfaction; those who wiggle with our gestures, taking hold of everything around them

Children are a reflection of how we are and what we have transmitted, being touching to observe how they acquire our gestures and learn from us.

18. There are people who believe that because they laugh that the lame person falls they have a sense of humor. You have to laugh when you are the one who falls. You have much more fun

Laughing at someone does not imply a sense of humor. This only appears when what you are laughing at is the fact and not the person, and you can even laugh at yourself and your own clumsiness.

19. Tell your heart that there is always a hidden reason in every gesture

Everything we do has a meaning and a meaning, especially when we dedicate it to personal interaction with someone we care about.

20. Children learn little about words; only serve your actions and their coherence with the words

Serrat tells us in this sentence that educating is based on setting an example and live with coherence with respect to what is said and intended to instill.

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21. Blessed are those who taste failure because they will recognize their friends

It is not in victory but in defeat, in bad times, when you can see who is with you and really love you.

22. That you will be whatever you are, scum of mortals, a perfect soulless, but with good manners

Being politically correct and acting politely does not prevent taking actions that harm others or acting according to prosocial values.

23. Everything is important, because only through small things can a great thing be done

To reach our goals it is necessary to travel a long and winding road. There are no short cuts. Every step is important.

24. Blessed are those who love because they have more than fifty percent of a great romance at their fingertips.

Romance between two people requires that both love each other. Fortunately, whoever loves another person has already done half the way.

25. I believe that only respect for the idea of ​​others gives you permission to respect yours. I am not part of the persecution committee

The author encourages us to always respect the opinion of others even if it is contrary to our own.

26. There is no manual: the world of sensations and relationships is full of unforeseen events

There is no set way of doing things right or wrong when we talk about feelings. Personal relationships are variable and dynamic, being able to produce great changes or to appear different variables at any time.

27. Nothing and no one can prevent them from suffering, from advancing the hands on the clock, from deciding for them, from making mistakes, from growing and one day from saying goodbye to us.

In this sentence we can see how the author refers to the passage of time and the need to accept that those we love will make their own lives. We can especially see reflected the progressive growth and autonomy of the children.

28. They give life to you but they don't give it to you. Life is paid for more than you penis. This has been the case since God cast man out of Eden, for confusing what is right with what is good for him

We must live with intensity, but this does not mean that we also have duties and obligations to the rest of the world. What we like or is good for is not necessarily the right thing to do, and we have to bear the consequences of our actions.

29. I claim the realism of dreaming in a future where life is better, and relationships are more just, richer and more positive, and always in peace

Although it may seem somewhat utopian, fighting for a better future is something necessary to achieve it and get as close as possible.

30. My impression is that in life, we write only one song. Which is the same. Unless history itself is betrayed

This phrase tells us about being true to ourselves and living our life, our "only song."

31. When the show ends I usually think that what happens so beautiful is not real. And I also think that the next day that beautiful thing will no longer happen. But incredibly it happens again

Sometimes we think that when we finish something that makes us especially excited, having finished it will not happen again. But even if we believe the above to be true, we can experience the same feelings again in the future.

32. Do not ask me not to think aloud for my own good, or to get on a stool, if you want I will try to grow

This phrase indicates that we should not dictate what others should do or force them to adopt specific positions or anticipate their own mental growth. We must let others mature and learn from experience.

33. Blessed are those who are at the bottom of the well because from then on we can only get better

We can be totally devastated, but there comes a time when it is impossible to be worse. It only remains to work to overcome this state and progress little by little to improve the situation.

34. When I sleep I see clear, crazy with a sweet poison

This phrase refers to dreams, either about things that make us excited or about love.

35. Perfume your disgust with exquisite civility

The author indicates the tendency to hide cruelty, contempt, ignorance and prejudice under an appearance of sophistication and naturalness.

36. Just if we all understood that we all have an old man on us

If nothing out of the ordinary happens, we all grow old and we will grow old both in body and in mind.

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37. Slowly but surely, like the calabobos, from the earliest childhood they prepare the bait: "If you don't eat the soup, it will bring you the coconut." "Impure touching will blind you." And they harass you for life stirring up fear, fishing in the murky river of sin and virtue, selling jack for a hare at the cost of a creed that makes broken dishes that you end up paying for

This phrase reflects how many times education is based on fear and in the search to adjust to morality, ignoring our desires and our authentic nature.

38. Cultivate good manners for your bad examples if you don't want your peers to point fingers at you. He covers his low instincts with a sheepskin. The habit does not make the monk, but he gives the hit

This phrase denounces the hypocrisy of society and the search for an appearance of correctness and virtuosity despite the fact that our actions and thoughts are contrary to that appearance.

39. You have nothing to fear, bad weather has a good face, the constitution protects you, justice defends you, the police guard you, the union supports you, the system supports you

This phrase prompts us to live our lives as we want to and without fear, whether the world supports us or we are persecuted by it.

40. Blessed are the poor because they know with certainty that no one will love them for their riches

This phrase reflects that whoever has little will not be loved precisely for economic interests, but that if someone loves them it will be sincerely or for other reasons.

41. Selling is always... Like that joke: We already have the capitalist. Now the one who puts the ass is missing. It's all about raising the price. There are times that yes, it is amazing how little some humans usually sell themselves

Serrat criticizes in this sentence how everything is commercialized.

42. Blessed are those who show off their guts because they will have occasions to prove it

Those who boast of some quality or characteristic usually have to demonstrate it sooner or later, when required. It will be at that moment where it is proven whether they have it or not.

43. Let's spend our little bit of agency

An incitement to be free and to do crazy things. In short to live.

44. Adjust your bucks, take a deep breath, swallow, take a run and open the door, go outside, cross your fingers, knock on wood

This phrase encourages us to have courage and dare to take risks.

45. And with the hangover in tow, the poor man returns to his poverty, the rich man returns to his wealth, and the Lord cures at his masses.

Regardless of how we are, in the end most people have more in common than you think. We are all born and we die, and the different things we live affect us all (albeit in different ways). And while we may temporarily fade, we have to get back to our lives.

46. Like a kaleidoscope of tiny crystals, it changes its pattern and color, if the sun shines at dawn or it has rained. And fill my world with flowers

Beautiful phrase that tells us about the presence of illusion and hope, which allows our way of seeing the world to change.

47. Tomorrow is just an adverb of time

This phrase urges us to enjoy the now and fight for what we want in the present, since we do not know what will happen in the future.

48. It is preferable to wear the best optimist suit one has, at least the suit of hope, and we believe that things move to the extent that we are able to push them from honesty and from what each one knows make.

Serrat tells us in this sentence that we must not abandon our hopes and that we must try to push ourselves by them in order to achieve them.

49. Under a sky that by dint of never seeing the sea forgot to cry

This phrase reflects the importance of living positive things and fighting to try to achieve our dreams, reminding us of the effect of losing our goals, enthusiasm and hope.

50. Men hardly advance in any other way than together

The human being can only develop when he does it in conjunction with his peers.

51. It is not that I do not return because I have forgotten... it is that I lost my way back

Sometimes we do things that do not allow us to go back, or we just don't want to because we have overcome what we left behind.

52. The common comforts me, the different stimulates me

This phrase, referring to the area of ​​personal relationships but applicable to other aspects, indicates that both different as similar are valuable elements to appreciate and that allow us to activate and feel appreciation or bonding.

53. I know what I'm looking for, because I know what I feel

One of the most important things in knowing ourselves and setting goals is admitting and accepting the things we feel.

54. In many cases, society is determined to confront local anguish with the anguish of the neighbor, as if our local anguish were solved by impeding the neighbor's progress.

Comparing ourselves with others and trying to overcome them does not bring us happiness and neither does it solve our own problems.

55. The great enemy that our society has is fear, the fear of losing even what we do not have, of lose things that we do not yet have, those that are minimally intuited but that are not consolidated

We are afraid of losing both what we have already achieved and what we could achieve. We have to overcome this fear or else we will be facilitating its fulfillment, in addition to preventing us from moving forward.

56. Blessed are those who got into debt because someone once did something for them

Contracting a debt means that at some point someone has done something to help us, something that implies that we have been valuable somehow for someone said.

57. And your shadow still lies in my bed with the darkness, between my pillow and my loneliness

This phrase speaks to us of longing, of missing the people who have left us.

58. It was accidentally, chance is capricious, I did not look for you nor did you come looking for me

Sometimes chance, chance, fate or whatever we want to call it puts wonderful people on our way who will be part of our life forever.

59. You have to keep the memory well of the past, but you have to work for the future thinking that the future is now.

We can learn from what has already happened, but what is done is done. We must focus on the present and what we are going to do.

60. Playing naked yesterday in the sand, my childhood little by little I saw go by, she escaped me without realizing it, barely dreaming of flying

Serrat tells us in this sentence the importance of innocence and illusion typical of childhood, which made us and still makes us dream.

61. The education of a person is a three-legged stool where on one side is the school, then there is the house and also on the other side the street, the environment

Family, school and social environment are the main influences that will allow a person to develop, acquire values ​​and knowledge and build their own identity.

62. Prohibition seems to me an unjust punishment for which you are never prepared

Censorship and prohibition of something we want it is a punishment that causes us suffering, especially when such punishment is unjustified.

63. One can always choose in life. Many things help in the election. The world around you helps a lot, the intimate and affective world, friends... Ultimately it depends on the close information that one has and the priority one gives to things

We always have the possibility to choose, a possibility that will be influenced by various factors.

64. Your laugh sets me free, gives me wings. Solitudes take me away, jail takes me away

Making those we love happy provokes in ourselves the feeling that everything is fine, that we can achieve our dreams, and that everything is worth it.

65. I will not make the cold warmer or the coffee with milk sweeter but think of me, girl, think of me

We may not be fantastic or can change the world of the person we love, but that does not mean that there is a desire to be together.

66. The problem is in this concept that humanity generally has that everything belongs to everyone, and then I can do whatever I want, I don't have any obligation to replace anything, and somehow the basic concept of where I come from, where I am going, what I take, what I leave and who I come from and who is going to me continue

Equal opportunities and access to resources does not imply that we have no responsibility in this regard. We must not forget that we have both rights and obligations to ourselves and to the rest of the world.

67. I want to cry with those who are alone and without any love go through the world

Loneliness and the absence of love is a source of great frustration for many people, causing a deep feeling of abandonment and sadness.

68. That for a smile I give everything I am

Again, this phrase refers to the smile of someone we love or love, this simple gesture in the loved one being something for which the one who loves is capable of doing anything.

69. The thrill of undressing... And slowly discovering the game. The rite of caressing setting fire

We can see in this sentence how the author makes a clear reference to passion, evoking the sensuality and the caress of the lover on the skin of the beloved.

70. Everything is ready, the water, the sun and the mud but if you are missing there will be no miracle

Serrat uses this analogy with the myth of the creation of various cultures to show the need for the loved one.

71. The power of the songs is tremendous. Surely they do not change anything, they do not change the story, but they do accompany it. They can't win any war, but they can accompany those who fight

Music and the expression of emotions, values ​​and deeper feelings can generate great changes, as well as accompany the great moments, motivate others and even provoke the birth of new sensations, thoughts and performances.

72. Give the experience the day off to begin, and greet it like it's a party to keep. Do not allow it to vanish, look out and consume life in bulk. Today could be a great day, hard on him

Taking advantage of the day and life without taking into account previous aversive experiences is what Serrat proposes in this sentence.

73. I still believe in compromise. I've believed in him, all my life. And he does not renounce that idea that man is the master of his future.

We are free to choose how to live our lives, and with what or with whom to commit ourselves. The idea of ​​doing it and committing to something implies being consistent with yourself, your own values, and with your word.

74. I believe that in the human being the limits are not fixed, because they are constantly marked by the circumstances

For Serrat, the human being has no limit other than that set by circumstances, being able to go far beyond what most of us believe we can reach.

75. My heart also waits, towards the light and towards life, another miracle of spring

Hope is something fundamental for the human being, which can lead us to expect incredible things to happen, to stop us from giving up and to continue fighting. And sometimes it happens that our dreams come true.

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