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Causes of the First World War

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In the previous video I explained Europe before the First World War and in this video I will explain what the causes of the First World War.

The First World War it was not called that until after it had taken place. It was first called the Big war since it had a worldwide repercussion.

Europe was under great tension between three great empires: the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

In the year 1890, the German Empire was ruled by Oto von Bismarck who sponsored a system of alliances with different European countries that managed to preserve peace between them. This system of alliances was called Bismarckian Systems. These alliances were the following:

  • 1871-1878: alliance between Germany, Austria and Russia.
  • 1878: Italy joins
  • 1887: the Reinsurance treaty is signed.
  • 1887: the Mediterranean pact is signed.

In 1890 William II accedes to the throne of the German Empire and dismisses Otto von Bismarck. This had a worldwide repercussion since he abandoned this peaceful political system to get Germany to have more power worldwide and created the Belle politique. This political movement created two very powerful camps in Europe:

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  • The triple entente (Great Britain, Russia and France)
  • The Triple Alliance (German and Austro-Hungarian Empire and later Italy was added)

Apart from this introduction, there were four world crises that were the main causes of the First World War:

  • 1905-1906: First Moroccan crisis
  • 1908: Annexation crisis
  • 1911: Agadir crisis
  • 1912-1913: the balkan wars

These crises caused a great tension between everyone until in 1914 there was the Sarajevo bombing that it was the definitive crisis that exploded the First World War.

If you want to know more about the causes of World War IYou just have to watch my video where I explain everything in more detail and, in addition, I accompany it with images and diagrams that will help you better understand History.

You can also do the printable exercises with their solutions that I have left you on the web since they will help you better understand the causes of the First World War.
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