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María José Pedroza Child

I am a psychologist, specialist in family development, with experience in accompanying work in early childhood, couples, courtship and marriage. I have a broad capacity for listening and empathy, generating guidance from the potential of patients facing their problematic situations and respecting the principles of life of each one. Highly oriented to understanding situations and focused on practical solutions built by the patients themselves.

-Specialist in family and each one of its members. -Premarital support. -Solution-focused brief therapy. -I offer constructive life project tools. -Accompaniment in marital problems and family therapy. -Guidance for adolescents and families with school-age children

-Confidence in people's abilities to grow and reinvent themselves. -Ability to put myself in the place of the other in the face of lived situations. -Management of emotions and proactive in terms of conflict resolution. -Objectivity and impartiality towards the people who intervene in the situations. -Orientation from the patient's position. -Short therapy, focused on solutions.

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