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The 68 best famous phrases of Confucius

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Kung Fu Tzu (551 - 479 BC C.) or "Confucius" was the most influential philosopher-political thinker in China during Asian feudal times. The son of a decaying noble family, he struggled to make a place for himself in the ruling class of his day in the kingdom of Lu, China.

Known as Confucius in the West, this oriental thinker formulated what would become known as Confucianism, an idea that he proclaimed for good government. The bases of him resided in tolerance, respect, altruism and ethics.

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The most revealing phrases of the Chinese thinker

In this article we offer you the most outstanding reflections and phrases of the author Confucius, a reference in Eastern philosophy.

1. Learning without thinking is wasting energy

Reflection is part of the experience we acquire.

2. We have to be at peace with ourselves, otherwise we cannot guide others in the search for peace

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Before educating others, we must educate ourselves.

3. Only the most excellent sages, and the most accomplished fools, are incomprehensible

Curious duality posed by Confucius.

4. A man without virtue cannot dwell long in adversity, nor in happiness.

Excellent thought for deep reflection.

5. You can take away a general's army from him, but not from a man his will

The will is more powerful than an entire army of men without it.

6. It is possible to achieve something after three hours of fighting, but surely it can be achieved with just three words impregnated with affection

The word must take precedence over violence.

7. What you do not want others to do to you, do not do to others

One has to be consistent with what he does, and consistent at the same time.

8. Learning without thinking is useless. Thinking without learning, dangerous

Everything is related between learning and thinking. We have to complement them.

9. A man of virtuous words is not always a virtuous man

We are what we do, not what we say we will do.

10. Ignorance is the night of the mind: but a moonless and starless night

It is very dangerous to remain in ignorance.

11. The virtuous man rests on virtue, and the wise man ambitions it

Virtue seems to be a key issue for Confucius.

12. A gentleman should be ashamed if his words are better than his deeds

Once again, one has to act as he says.

13. Hear or read without reflecting is a useless occupation

You don't have to swallow things, you have to chew them.

14. Be sad because you don't know men

We have to empathize in life, only in this way can harmony be achieved.

15. A man's flaws always fit his type of mind

We are all limited by our thoughts.

16. Whoever rules through his moral excellence can be compared to the pole star

For Confucius, the government has to be something ethical and of good work.

17. Never place bets. If you know that you have to win, you are a rogue; and if you don't know, you're stupid

Curious phrase about the game.

18. Before starting a journey of revenge, dig two graves

Revenge is treacherous, not beneficial.

19. Observe his defects and you will know his virtues

All people are composed of both concepts.

20. Before the pole star, all other stars bow before it

Before the good ruler, as he refers, all follow him if he is virtuous.

21. I don't try to know the questions; I try to know the answers

Asking is easy, solving them is the tricky thing.

22. Artificial language and flattering behavior rarely accompany virtue

There is nothing emptier than superficial verbiage.

23. The only ones who do not change are the wise men of the first order and the completely idiots

The ends always tend to be stiff.

24. Demand a lot from yourself and expect little from others

Expecting others to behave the same as us is wasting time.

25. If you already know what you have to do and don't do it then you are worse off than before

One has to act if he knows what he wants. If not, you will not find the way.

26. Knowing that what is known is known and that what is not known is not known; here is the true knowing

Having clear objectives is essential in this life.

27. Men are distinguished less by their natural qualities than by the culture they provide for themselves

The man was born wanting to know.

28. Education makes us different and we move away

Socialization lacks collective commitment, and often classifies people differently from one another.

29. The evil is not in having faults, but in not trying to amend them

To err is human, to rectify wise.

30. The noble man has a broad and non-judgmental mind

Ethical conscience was an important issue for Confucius.

31. One who does not know how to govern himself, how will he know how to govern others?

We always have to be in control of our destiny and thoughts if we are to lead the masses.

32. The true gentleman is the one who only preaches what he practices

Once again, Confucius resorts to coherence between action and saying.

33. You should not complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when it also covers the threshold of your house

Before complaining about what is foreign, we have to clean what is ours.

34. The inferior man is prejudiced and lacks a broad mind

There are always exploiters and exploited.

35. What the wise man wants, he seeks in himself; the vulgar, he looks for it in others

It is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

36. Wisdom cares about being slow in her speeches and diligent in her actions.

Soft words, forceful actions.

37. The cautious are seldom wrong

Caution is a privilege for people.

38. Learn to live and you'll learn to die well

You don't have to fear death if you love life.

39. No matter how far the spirit goes, it will never go further than the heart

Passion takes us to unsuspected heights.

40. Silence is the only friend that never betrays

Better to be quiet and work like an ant.

41. They told me about it and I forgot it; I saw and understood; I did it and I learned it

We have to learn to listen to others.

42. It is easier to seize the commander-in-chief of an army than to deprive a wretch of his freedom

Freedom is what sustains the existence of people.

43. Who, by doing the old way again, learns the new, can be considered a teacher

Interesting thought for meditation.

44. Do not try to put out a fire with fire, or remedy a flood with water

You have to know how to find the right solutions for each problem.

45. The man who has made a mistake and does not correct it makes another major mistake

It is not bad to be wrong. The bad thing is to do it again.

46. Study the past if you want to predict the future

From the past you learn to form a better future.

47. Some money avoids worries; a lot, it attracts them

Money has always been a complexity in the human being.

48. A strong voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it is a simple whisper.

Not by raising our voices we have more reason.

49. Fix yourself to the state as you conduct your family, with authority, competence and a good example

For some, the government is the reflection of the people and the family.

50. If you do not know life yet, how can it be possible to know death?

The death is part of life.

51. When you see a man devoid of virtue, examine yourselves

We always see our own shortcomings in others.

52. Human nature is good and evil is essentially unnatural

Are we good people by nature?

53. If the sacred is not respected, there is nothing to fix the conduct on

Customs and traditions were essential to Confucius.

54. The superior man always thinks of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort

The comfort zone is reserved for the complacent.

56. When you see a wise man, think about matching his virtues

You have to copy the other virtuous, take the example of the good.

57. He works to prevent crimes so as not to need punishment

Society needs education for good behavior. This prevents violence.

57. The high man is the one who works before speaking, and he practices what he professes

We have to do what we preach.

58. The wise man knows that he ignores

The wise man knows everything.

59. It is not the weeds that choke the good seed, but the negligence of the peasant

It is up to each one to solve the problems.

60. The superior man is persistent on the right path

The superior man as the good, ethical and kind.

61. Only the virtuous is competent to love men

We have to know how to love others to be an example to society. Loving yourself is easy.

62. The one who knows the truth is not the same as the one who loves her

Many know the truth but do not want to discover it.

63. Virtue does not dwell in solitude: it must have neighbors

The human being is sociable and was born to understand others.

64. Better than the man who knows what is fair is the man who loves what is fair

To be moral in this life, we have to keep justice in mind.

65. A scholar who is not serious will not command respect

Intellect and science need seriousness.

66. Whoever governs a people by setting a good example looks like the pole star

Confucius made this simile for the good ruler.

67. Knowing how to govern is rectifying

Governing is not only the art of knowing how to command.

68. There is nothing colder than advice whose application is impossible

You have to be realistic and not just a utopian.

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