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The best 11 Psychologists in Aluche (Madrid)

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Activital Psychologists It is one of the best options if you are looking for psychological assistance services for people of all ages. It is made up of a team of psychotherapy professionals specialized in Third Generation Therapies, very effective and adaptable to the treatment of different forms of discomfort. The sessions can be face-to-face or online by video call, and they also offer various training programs.

Among the problems in which these mental health experts intervene are depression, disorders of anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, poor relationship management personal, etc.

Rosa Melgar Moreno graduated in Clinical Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid and has also with a Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the same university and training in EMDR therapy.

This psychologist is one of the best options we have in the Aluche neighborhood, since she has more than 15 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy.

Thanks to her training and professional career, she conducts psychological assistance sessions in which several therapeutic currents are combined, such as cognitive-behavioral or behavioral analysis applied. Rosa Melgar adapts to the specific needs and characteristics of her patients to give them a service with guarantees against problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, psychological trauma, and much others.

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In the middle UPAD of Psychology and Coaching We will find a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in addressing any type of consultation in people of all ages, through the most varied psychological therapies with contrasted evidence, to obtain the best results in the person.

Some of the specialties addressed by the UPAD center psychologists are cases of anxiety or stress, self-esteem problems, relationship crises, and behavioral disorders sexual.

Joan Soler Morató He graduated in Psychology from the Open University of Catalonia and has a master's degree in Integrative Humanist Psychotherapy, in addition to being an expert in the field of drug addiction thanks to a training course at the Complutense University of Madrid and in which he won the award for the best work of investigation.

Being an expert in addictions, this professional has been a director and therapist in several programs of the Proyecto Hombre association. In these programs he conducted individual psychotherapy for adults and young people, as well as holding workshops to increase self-esteem and enhance social skills.

Rocio Fernandez He graduated from the University Degree in Psychology and specialized in the field of sanitary and legal psychology and in trauma intervention based on the EMDR current.

She has more than 15 years of experience working as a psychologist, and she has combined your work as a therapist in the private sphere with that of the public sector. She can treat children and adolescents as well as adults and seniors, and also conducts sessions groups in which he works to discover the reasons that can lead a family or partner to moments of crisis.

After living the experience of motherhood, Rocío Fernández decided to focus her professional career on assisting families and women in the motherhood and upbringing stage.

Elena of the Sias He graduated in Clinical Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid and also has a master's degree in Oncological Psychology from the same university.

The psychotherapeutic current from which Elena de las Sías starts is cognitive-behavioral, considered one of the most effective for treating emotional difficulties. This psychologist offers treatment to both children and adults, thus being able to give psychological support to people who are suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, moments of low self-esteem or problems derived from cancer.

You can help children and adolescents by offering tools to improve problems of disability management anger, withdrawal and difficulties to socialize, irrational fears and phobias or problems due to poor performance school. Elena's private office is located on Avenida del Padre Piquer.

The psychologist Sonia Garcia she offers a professional psychological care service for couples in the field of sex therapy, through a Cognitive-behavioral intervention, one of the best results offers, integrated with other therapies.

This professional has extensive experience in dealing with cases such as addictions, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions and also sexual deviations of all kinds.

The psychologist Maria del Carmen Rodriguez Gonzalez She has more than 15 years of professional experience and is specialized in addressing any type of clinical case in children, adolescents and adults, both online and in person.

Its orientation is also cognitive-behavioral, one of the most used by professionals and among their intervention specialties, we find any type of case in the clinical field and also in the field of Forensic psychology.

The psychologist Luis Carlos Gomez Serrano has extensive experience in addressing cases of all kinds in children, adolescents, adults, couples and also families, through the most effective therapies.

This professional is specialized in treating questions such as childhood behavior problems, recurrent family or relationship conflicts and deficits in social skills.

The psychologist Judith Fontanet will offer a psychology and coaching service to women of all ages who need a change in their lives and with the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

Her work is based on offering useful tools to achieve a deep and lasting change in the person and accompanying them throughout the therapeutic process to achieve the expected success.

The psychologist Sandra saulnier She will also serve adolescents, adults, couples and families who may need any type of professional support or guidance, through different psychological therapies.

Some of her main intervention specialties are cases of stress, situations of depression, communication problems in the couple and family conflicts.

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