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Psychologists in Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza

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Hello, I am the Psychologist and Psychotherapist Lucina Sánchez A. Since you arrive with me you can feel cared for and understood. From the first contact you can feel the warmth of the deal, offering you the solution to your problems. I offer you very human attention and Scientific Therapies complemented with cutting-edge support techniques. With me you can find comprehensive attention to your needs since my update is one of my constantly.

Master of Family Psychotherapy (Internship)

I am a Master in Family Psychology (internship) with 12 years of professional experience, I belong to an interdisciplinary group of specialized psychotherapists in areas of evolutionary development, developing skills and tools to resolve family and personal conflicts, in the areas of Infant-Youth and Adults. Continuous participation in National and International Conferences and Seminars.

Master's degree

I am a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in the area of ​​psychotherapy. In recent times I dedicate part of my time to online therapy. In addition to working in face-to-face workshops and systemic therapies. My mission is the quality of emotional life. I train high quality therapists, supervising cases and author of several Diplomas in individual, couple and family psychotherapy.

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Master of Clinical Psychology

I have been dedicated to psychotherapy for more than 10 years, I have learned that the experiences of each person are always unique, so my approach is characterized by being absolutely respectful and attentive, to achieve a broad understanding of the circumstance that each person has brought to the space therapeutic. I will be happy to meet you and to be able to contribute to the generation of solid alternatives for your well-being through the conversations that we initiate.

Bachelor of Psychology

I have 19 years of experience teaching psychotherapy, as well as experience in training company personnel and during 5 years I have focused on the work of family violence by giving talks and workshops in different institutions.

Lic. Psychology, Master's degree. Psychopedagogy, Pedagogy

DIH Consulting, Integral Human Development, appreciates the opportunity to provide you with our business consulting services, which With more than 10 years of experience, it seeks to innovate and transcend within its organization, through diagnostic evaluations and development of improvement projects, implementing personalized strategies, which include trainings and training programs professional. As specialists in the professional help of children, adolescents and adults, I guarantee you a humane, personalized service with guaranteed results, at a very accessible price, not caring about the quantity but the quality of the services, seeing the person with all her needs, always ready to support you.

Degree in psychology

Degree in Psychology with a humanistic orientation. My priority is that people find solutions in my office. My goals in psychotherapy are for them to feel heard, accepted and with the security that they are in the hands of a professional who will guide them in a process of empowerment.

Degree in psychology

I have experience in providing professional assistance to parents in establishing limits without violence, in promoting positive parenting at an early age, I help also in family conflicts involving children and adolescents, throughout my career I have supported them to overcome marital crisis, both in face-to-face sessions and in line.

Prof. Gestalt Humanist Psychotherapy

How glad you decided to start your psychological process, it is a "bittersweet" process that is worth it. Unlike what we have been told, attending therapy confronts us with new challenges, new knowledge, new truths and ways that you are recognizing about yourself.

Degree in psychology

Psychotherapy is a decision that can produce great benefits and will be useful in any area of ​​your life, my goal is that you achieve optimal mental health and acquire new coping skills in the face of any challenge that may arise in the future.


Being empathetic, humanistic in an atmosphere of cordiality, trust and security is what I offer in each session, I make available to the patient my knowledge in psychology for your timely improvement with a dignified treatment, together we will find the best strategies to solve any adversity that could appear in the day to day that the treatment lasts and until he can face the problems by himself always with an accompaniment close 24/7.

Bachelor of Psychology

I am a man committed to my profession and my principles, I am interested in transmitting my knowledge to help people who need it to improve their quality of life and find in themselves mental, emotional and therefore physical peace and tranquility, improving as individuals, and learning to be human beings with integrity and happy.

Biodecoder and Master Coach with NLP

Biological Decoding and NLP is the Solution that works for any type of problem or disease caused by a painful experience, This therapy does not cure the disease, it helps you heal the painful experience and allows the body to heal itself same. Face-to-face and online service


At Psicofiem, Dr. Paola Pini, Psychologist, takes care of you in a personal and professional way, with ethics, treating each case in a unique way.

Mtria. Family systemic therapy

I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist graduated from the best universities, I have more than 20 years of experience. Teacher, supervisor, I also offer services in English and online. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

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