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Psychologists in Talavera de la Reina

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Specialist Psychologist in Psychotherapy with a European Certificate of Psychologist-Europsy, with more than 15 years of experience in child-adolescent and adult psychology. I have combined my years in the practical field, with specialized training in Psychotherapy and Clinical Neuropsychology. Highlighting in my training the Expert in Brief Psychotherapy and Expert in Personality Disorders, both degrees endorsed by the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy and Master in Cognitive Neuropsychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as a Diploma in Child Neuropsychology and Specialist in social intervention in childhood and family, both degrees, endorsed by the Official College of Psychologists from Madrid.; I have been developing a vision with an integrated approach in my professional practice, combining my knowledge of Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy. I currently direct the Neuropsy Center, the Center for Psychotherapy and Neuropsychology in Talavera de la Reina, with a specialized team.

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Graduated in Psychology from the Pontifical University of Salamanca and Master in General Health Psychology from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid

Online psychology. Our therapies do not have a specific methodology, but depending on the patient and the case we will choose a method or another, since our services are personalized and individualized, adapting to the needs of the patient. Adult psychology: Our task will be to guide the person to adopt new ways of thinking and face the reality that allow the relief and overcoming of anguish, depression and stress, and the general improvement in your quality of life, well-being and satisfaction. Child psychology: the treatments contemplate the behavior and difficulties of the child in the family, school, social and personal environment. To do this, we carry out a comprehensive evaluation and design an intervention plan that is constantly being reviewed. The objective is to solve the difficulties and provide the parents and the child or adolescent with tools. Face-to-face In our Psychology Center (Revoluciona) located in Talavera de la Reina we do everything related to educational psychology.


Maria Isabel Nogales Naharro Head-Head of the Department of Psychology and Health at CEEFI INTERNATIONAL. Psychologist and therapist (Degree in Health Psychology) University Degree Nursing Hospital Clinic. State-of-the-art and most advanced therapies. Child and adolescent psychotherapy. Family psychotherapy, mediation in family, work and couple conflicts. Mood Disorders, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, etc. Graduated in Health Sciences with a mention in Health Psychology from the Uned University and a Degree in Nursing from the Complutense University (1994). In her teaching work, she delved into evolutionary mechanisms and behaviors. To this day, at CEEFI INTERNATIONAL she holds the position of Chief Responsible in the Department of Psychology and Health dedicating part of his time to teaching and scientific dissemination, writing articles on psychology and medicine human.

Health and forensic psychologist

I am Beatriz, a forensic and health psychologist. With training in third generation therapies such as acceptance and commitment therapy and psychodrama. Together we can discover the change that your life needs, and how to improve your well-being, how to adapt in the best possible way to the difficulties that life gives us.

General Health Psychologist

My way of working is as follows: first we do an initial session to see the objectives that you seek to achieve. With this in mind, we will do an initial evaluation and establish a certain time to work on the objectives to be met and how we are going to work on it. After a while, we do a reevaluation again, and we verify whether or not the objectives have been met, so that based on this you can decide if you want to continue addressing other issues together or it is no longer necessary. I apply my way of working both to children and adolescents as well as to Adults, adapting it to the needs of each one.

Clinical psychologist

We are a dynamic, young psychological office, adapted to the new times that we value above all the well-being of our patients. In situations of emotional maladjustment due to the evolution of daily events, we need in some cases occasions support from professionals who can help us find the stability and tranquility to have a life healthy. For this reason, GABINETE PSICOLÓGICO CRISTINA RIVERA has defined its working method based on two basic pillars: trust and absolutely personalized treatment. Discover all of our services now and get to know our group of professionals more closely. Our cabinet is also adapted for access by people with disabilities.

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