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Most prominent Cold War characters

The Cold War was one of the greatest conflicts of the 20th century, being the struggle between two opposing ideologies that sought to occupy the most predominant place on the planet. Although it is often thought that the war was between the United States. and the USSR the conflict went much further and, therefore, when talking about its protagonists we must name other nations.

To learn more about this topic, in this lesson from a TEACHER we talk about the most prominent Cold War characters.

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  1. United States Characters
  2. USSR characters
  3. Other relevant characters from the Cold War

Characters of the United States.

To begin this lesson we must talk about the American characters with the greatest relevance during the Cold War, together with the USSR, the nations with the greatest personalities during this conflict.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Only president of the United States to win four presidential elections, being a key figure for the North American nation during World War II. It is considered that his death was key to the start of the Cold War, since if he had remained in the presidency surely this war would not have existed as such.

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We recommend that you watch this video lesson on Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Harry truman

Roosevelt's successor was an enemy of the USSR for years before the Cold War, making statements in which he compared the Soviets to the Nazis. The clear belligerent profile of him is demonstrated in one of his first decisions as president, who gave the order to drop the nuclear bombs. His foreign policy was based on containment, trying to stop evolution in every possible way. of communism and creating the Truman Doctrine, which sought to help all nations to stop the communism.

George marshall

The US military was the creator of the Marshall Plan, being an economic plan that sought to help European nations that had been devastated during World War II. This economic plan was key for many European powers to help the United States in its fight against the USSR.

John F. Kennedy

The president of the United States was key to bring positions between his nation and the USSR, signing agreements that stopped the continuous attacks between both nations and that sought disarmament for peace. His murder meant that peace plans took years to make.

To learn more about them and this topic, we recommend that you read these lessons on the Most important presidents of the United States and the Background to the Cold War.

Highlighted Cold War Characters - Characters from the United States

Characters of the USSR.

Once we have talked about the United States, we also have to main characters of the USSR during the Cold War, these being the main leaders of communism during this stage.

Joseph Stalin

He was the leader of the USSR from the 20s until his death, he is one of the main figures of the Cold War for the great relevance of him in increasing the ideological expansion of communism. He was one of the defenders of the creation of a group of communist nations to face the capitalist group that was forming in Europe and the United States.

Here you can learn more about the Stalin biography.

Andrei Zhdanov

He is the person in charge of the cultural policy of the Soviet Union and one of Stalin's most trusted men. He was in charge of censoring all those artistic works that could clash with the ideals communists, seeking to create a cultural production destined to show communism as the only valid ideology.

Nikita Khrushchev

He was Stalin's successor as leader of the Soviet Union. At first his policy was aimed at ending Stalin's ideas and initiating a period of peace with the capitalist bloc, but in practice he never made great progress in this area. His numerous defeats against the United States in terms of ideology led to his dismissal.

Mikhail Gorbachev

He was the leader of the Soviet Union and during his tenure the disappearance of the USSR took place. His peaceful policy to end the Cold War and his actions to end the USSR make a large part of the Russian population consider him the cause of the end of the great communist empire.

Top Cold War Characters - USSR Characters

Other relevant characters from the Cold War.

To continue with this lesson on most prominent Cold War characters we must talk about all those characters of great importance to this conflict who did not belong to the US or the USSR.

Kim II Sung

He was the author of the creation of a communist dictatorship supported by the USSR in North Korea. His attack on South Korea was the cause of the start of the korean war, being one of the most relevant conflicts of the Cold War. Today his successors still rule the Asian nation and his thought still predominates in the region.

Ho chi minh

He was the leader of the communist bloc of Vietnam during The vietnam war, being one of the most relevant conflicts of the Cold War. It was during his rule that Vietnam defeated the United States, the first defeat in a war for the North American nation.

Winston churchill

He was the English Prime Minister and one of the leaders of the capitalist bloc in the first years of the conflict, being one of the people who most influenced the war against communism. He was one of the first leaders to speak about the coming war between the communist and capitalist nations, as well as to name words like Iron Curtain or Cold War.

Fidel Castro

One of the communist nations that was at odds with the United States for the longest time was Cuba, being Fidel Castro the nation's leader for nearly 50 years. He was a key figure in the so-called missile crisis, an event that ended what seemed like the beginning of peace between the USSR and the United States.

Finally, here you can read about the Causes and consequences of the Cold War and you can also watch a video about a summary of the Cold War.

Highlighted Cold War Characters - Other Relevant Cold War Characters

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