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The best 10 Psychologists in Ciudad Cortés (Costa Rica)

Esteban Carvajal He graduated in Clinical Psychology thanks to a Master's degree that was imparted to him by the University of Costa Rica and after spending some time, he took the decision to specialize in the practice of Couples Therapy so he completed a specific Diploma through the Gestalt Center of the Peru.

He has great experience and skill in treating difficulties such as obsessive disorder. compulsive disorder (OCD), low self-esteem, work stress or complicated situations of codependency.

Juan Martin Florit He has a degree in Psychology from the Mar del Plata National University of Argentina and also has a Postgraduate degree issued by the University of Palermo specialized in the study of Clinical Child Psychology Youth.

His remarkable academic training allows this specialist to be very efficient in treating difficulties such as anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, or very high levels of stress labor.

Diego Tzoymaher He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires and a Postgraduate degree from the Fundación Instituto Leloir de Argentina, which is specialized in the specific field of Journalism Scientific.

Over the years, this psychologist has been able to treat some difficulties on various occasions. psychological such as mismanagement of the emotion of anger, anxiety disorders, or depression chronicle.

Marcelo sitnisky He completed his basic studies in Psychology at the Maimonides University of Argentina and after obtaining his accrediting academic degree, he thought that he should specialize in the specific area of ​​Business Management so he studied a Bachelor's degree through the University of Belgrano.

We can go to his consultation if, for example, we are going through a very serious depression, a disorder anxiety, very high levels of work stress or a crisis within our relationship of partner.

Juan Francisco Cruz Govea He has a degree in Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has a Master's degree issued by the Mexican Institute of Psychooncology, which formally accredits him as an expert in the practice of Thanatology.

This psychologist is an expert treating some psychological difficulties such as depression, addictions, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem or conflicts between family members.

Emotional Astronaut is a therapeutic center located in Mexico City, which is made up of a large multidisciplinary team of expert psychologists.

It is important to mention that in this place both adults and adolescents can receive treatment and that in addition, we will have the opportunity to be able to put into practice some very effective methodologies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Cognitive Therapy Behavioral.

We can contact the Emotional Astronaut specialists if, for example, we find ourselves suffering from severe depression, an anxiety disorder or a problem related to our self-esteem.

Mariana Gutierrez Flores She has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and it is also important to note that This specialist currently has considerable experience practicing psychology in a way continued.

Over time, this psychologist has been able to treat some difficulties on more than one occasion. psychological disorders such as anxiety disorders, addictions or poor management of the emotion of the go to.

Tatiana stacul She has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad del Salvador and has a Master's degree specialized in the use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapies, which was issued by the academic area of ​​the Fundación FORO de Buenos Aires.

Where this psychologist undoubtedly manages to stand out the most, is in the treatment of difficulties such as pain chronic, very high levels of work stress, depression or difficult situations divorce.

Valentin Sebastian Velazquez Cortazar He graduated in Psychology at the Valle de Grijalva University and later, decided to pursue a Postgraduate specialized in the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through the Institute of Development and Well-being from Mexico.

Throughout his professional career, this psychologist has acquired great skill in treating difficulties such as chronic depression, drug addiction, sleep problems or ideations suicidal.

Miguel Angel Caamal Martin He has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Yucatán and also has a Master's degree taught by this same university, specialized in the concrete practice of Clinical Psychology in Adults.

Alcoholism, depression and difficult situations of codependency are some of the difficulties that are most frequently treated in the consultation of this specialist.

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