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Why can we resort to a coaching process?

When they hear the word coaching, many people still think that it is something unique to senior executives of large multinationals. And to further complicate the matter, if you delve deeper into the matter, there will be those who will tell you that it is used in this sphere. to motivate managers or executives turning them almost into those aggressive figures that show us the films; or there will be others who point out that it is used with "lost cases", rebellious yuppies who only have the trump card of coaching not to be finally fired.

The reality that this raises is that there is still much ignorance in the general population about the true reason for being and usefulness of coaching. Of course, where it matured and where it is applied more or is better known is in the business world, but the first thing to clarify here is that in this area It is not used neither as a motivational tool, because coaching is not motivation, much less is it used as a "punishment" for workers with health problems. conduct.

But also, a few years ago that coaching took the leap beyond the business world thus being born the so-called life coaching aimed at anyone and applied in a multitude of daily facets.

Taking into account that a coaching process can take place in countless areas, we will clarify in this article what it can be used for both on a business and personal level.

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Why resort to coaching in a company

As we mentioned at the beginning, there is the erroneous belief that coaching in the business world is either a motivational tool or a punishment. Really when we see why coaching is used in this field, we will understand that it is really an investment to improve the company; and if we speak at the worker level, it is a reward for him, and not a corrective.

In company coaching it is necessary to distinguish between the different subtypes that exist of the same, to be able to talk about the reasons why you can resort to coaching in one case or another.

1. Executive coaching

On the one hand, it is aimed at senior managers in companies and middle managers. Coaching in these cases It is mainly aimed at helping them face new goals and challenges within the company as well as improving their skills as leaders to generate a positive impact on relations with workers.

But executive coaching can also be applied to specific people in the company for different purposes. For example, to promote workers with potential to be future middle managers with good leadership skills, or for those who have performance issues and are not doing their best themselves.

Executive coaching
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2. Team coaching

It is coaching applied to specific departments or parts of an organization. In these cases, some of the reasons why coaching processes are applied is to seek that the department as a whole achieves a common objective; also to develop effective group work strategies; or to consolidate a specific team and improve the relationships between its parts in order, always, to improve the work environment and, therefore, productivity.

3. Organizational coaching

It is, in general terms, to apply coaching to the entire company as a whole. Let us say that the coachee is the company as a whole and the objectives are usually quite ambitious and on a very large scale. The work of a coach is used in these cases mainly to achieve efficient management of resources or in order to improve relations between departments.

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Why does "anyone" resort to coaching?

It has been called life coaching which is accessed by anyone who wants to improve or overcome vital difficulties that are preventing you from being the best version of him. It is convenient here to make a clarification: life coaching is not therapy, but it is a methodology to define personal goals and design a guide that facilitates the process to achieve them.

Although the list of reasons why people can demand a coaching process is as broad as there may be dilemmas or objectives, we could define some that are the most common.

1. Personal locks

When the person feels that they are stuck in life; when you don't know how to organize yourself; when you struggle to prioritize and end up overloading, etc.

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2. Professional locks

The individual want to change jobs but don't know how to take the plunge; she has the feeling that he should be doing something else, but he doesn't dare to jump in; when you like your job, but you don't know how to manage relationships with your colleagues and managers, etc.

3. Locks in relationships

The person feels that his relationship is at a standstill; you cannot establish a connection with his children; It is difficult for you to relate to others; not able to establish lasting relationships, etc.

4. Blockages in the management of healthy habits

The individual wishes give up smoking; would like to eat healthier; wants to implement a sports routine and maintain it over time, etc.


Saying that coaching works for almost everything can be very ambitious, but this article shows that it is a resource with a very wide area of ​​application.

As you have seen, there are so many areas in which the work of a coach may be required that it is, without a doubt, one of the professions with the most potential today.

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