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14 Great Romantic Films to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Romantic films are a succession of the public, let each other know that you are living a romance or not.

Many times you are seen as cliché films, as genre productions can also trace great reflections and compelling stories through drama or comedy.

Check out our list of romance bonuses on Amazon Prime to think about or love.

1. O Map of Perfect Little Things (2021)

Address: Ian Samuels

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

This is an Amazon production of 2021 that includes the genres of romance, comedy and fantasy.

In history, we accompany two teenagers who are imprisoned on the same day, eternally reliving or "Valentine's Day", or two lovers in the USA.

Despite presenting a formula that is already known from the narratives of scientific fiction on or tempo, or film presents innovative elements that contribute to its originality, pois is used precisely from references of other films of the genre to give a creative and comic theme to the plot.

2. Gloria Bell (2019)

Address: Sebastián Lelio

Gloria Bell Film | Legendary Trailer

Quem stars in this plot and incredible Julianne Moore. Directed by Chilean hair Sebastián Lelio, a produção é um remake of Glory, another film from 2013 by the same filmmaker.

Tell about uma woman single at home two 50 years who is looking for love adventures in bars and dance shops.

One day she meets Arnold and from his meeting, her life is transformed. The relationship that is established between the two of you, Gloria can gain your personal power and self-esteem.

A film as an optimal photograph, which manages to transmit all the phases of the character through the cores and frames.

3. Maara (2021)

Address: Dhilip Kumar

Maara - Official Trailer 4K (Tamil) | R Madhavan, Shraddha | Dhilip | Amazon Original Movie | Jan 8

Production of Indian origin e assinada pela Amazon, Maara plot or romantic drama of Parvathy, a single woman who is deciding not to marry. At the same time, she is staying in a house outside of Kerala and discovers that an artist, named Maara, gave her place.

Parvathy finds a modern record of notes and developments that contains a story about his own artist. But the narrative is not finished and the girl is very curious to unravel or the end of the story.

4. Yesterday (2019)

Address: Danny Boyle

Yesterday | Legendary Trailer

Imagine a world of famous English band the Beatles? Isso what happens, do not film Yesterday, assassinated hair director Danny Boyle.

A story tells about the young Jack Malik, who bet on an accident, is the only person to have two Beatles.

Then he starts singing to songs of the band and becomes a music star, but always com ethical and moral dilemma for assuming the authorship of works that não são suas.

This is a romantic comedy that rock lovers will simply adore.

5. Five Steps from Você (2019)

Address: Justin Baldoni

Five Steps from Você | Dublado Trailer

Nessa produção, the plot revolves around a garota and a 16-year-old garoto who provides treatment for cystic fibrosis, a doença that obrigates you to keep a distance of two meters from another.

Will and Stela found himself out of the hospital, turned off, and faced enormous challenges. Assim, or film portrays or drama of viver as a grave doença e a impossibility of physical contact, enquanto a paixão só cresce entre os two.

It is recommended for people over 14 years old and has a rating of 7.2 not IMDB, being very oily hair, public and critical.

6. Meia-noite em Paris (2011)

Address: Woody Allen

Meia Noite film dinner in Paris

Com roteiro e direção de Woody Allen, Meia-noite em Paris é um give them films that trazem crises existences combined with romance.

The film also shows the atmosphere of his own cinema to show Gil, a personage who is a frustrated roteirist in Hollywood. Ao going to France with his noiva and his sogros, Gil intensifies his questions about his life and his dreams.

As a last repercussion, or longa recebeu note 7.7 no IMDB

7. A Limit Between Us (2016)

Address: Denzel Washington

Um Limite Entre Nós | Trailer # 1 | LEG | Paramount Brazil

Launched in 2017, directed by Denzel Washington, featuring the iconic Viola Davis and Denzel himself.

It's about uma period history, past us 50, and told about um black house e a luta por uma posição melhor na sociedade. Or filho deles is a young man who dreams of being a football player, contrary to his country, that a youth was prevented from playing baseball because he was black.

Or film is an adaptation of an award-winning theater piece by August Wilson and a public and critical oil show, receiving a 7.2 not IMDB score.

8. Se a Rua Beale Falasse (2018)

Address: Barry Jenkins

Se A Rua Beale Falasse | Legendary Trailer

This is a dramatic North American romance based not on James Baldwin's own name.

Or film tackles or racism e tells the story of Tish, a black woman who tries to prove the innocence of her husband, also black, unjustly accused and imprisoned. Tish is pregnant and seeks to deliver her love two grades before the birth of the child.

Bem received public hair and criticism, a produção tem note 7.1 no IMDB.

9. Awaiting for Amanhã (2019)

Address: Noble Lincoln Jones

Alugue | À Espera do Amanhã

Wait for Amanhã It opens in 2019 and shows the history of love of um casal idoso that lives an improvavel romance.

Ed é um homem pessimista who passou boa part gives life waiting for a disaster. Já Ronnie is a compulsive consumer who accumulates coisas inúteis.

Or entanglement shows us that love is possible (and complicated) in all as ities and the same as neuroses of a lifetime.

10. To Espiã (2008)

Address: Paul Verhoeven

film A spy

To Espiã um romance set in WWII. Nele we accompany the costume of Rachel Stein, a Jewish singer who is fleeing two horrors of the holocaust, tempting to go to Holland.

Ao being the only survivor in a German attack, a girl assumes another identity, going to be called Ellis de Vries and infiltrating among the inimigos to help him.

A narrative involves suspense, drama and romance, apart from historical data. Or filmmaker who assigns a produção é o holandês Paul Verhoeven, responsible for other films of succession, such as Selvagem Instinct and O Homem Sem Sombra.

11. Or Artist (2011)

Address: Michel Hazanavicius,

Or Artist - Trailer

Or acclaimed film Or Artist This is a 2011 production that won various Oscar categories and other important awards, such as O Globo de Ouro and BAFTA.

O director Michel Hazanavicius innovated the atmosphere two years 20 and 30 not just a story told, but also in the form, pois é um long-metragem em preto e white e mute.

Through a love story, he tells about his own costume from the cinema and transition from silent cinema to falado cinema.

George Valentin is a decadent actor who faces films with sound and is turned off by a young man who is beginning a career without cinema falado. Assim, a paixão do casal lives a conflict.

12. Além da Fronteira (2013)

Address: Michael Mayer

Além da Fronteira - Legendary Trailer

Essa produção israelense traz o homoaffective romance between a young Israeli advocate and a Palestinian student. Roy and Nimer became aware of the logo that was known, but it was necessary to face many challenges due to their cultural differences and preconceptions.

The film was released in 2013 and was very well received without criticism, earning a 7.5 rating on IMDB.

13. Simply Love (2003)

Address: Richard Curtis

Love Actually - Trailer

Simply love It is configured as a typical romance of two years 2000. Produced in collaboration between the USA, Ireland, the UK and France, drawn by Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and the Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro not cast.

São dez narratives about or love that form um panorama of relationships that are intertwined, revealing the delicacies and delights of fapping.

Despite being slightly sugary and flared with a kind of "clichê" cinema, Simply love It exhibits boas atuações and can be that despicable and perfect film to attend at home.

14. ABC do Amor (2005)

Address: Mark Levin

dinner do film ABC do Amor

Essa singela historia exibe as confused emotions do first love. Directed by Mark Levin, it starred Gabe Burton, a 10-year-old garoto who is turned off by his longtime colleague.

Passa em Manhattan (so much that recebeu or original title of Little manhattan) e shows how, even imaturo, or love has potential for trazer transformações e dilemmas.

It was received by critics and the public, being a poetic approach and as a source of passage from childhood to adolescence.

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