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The 70 best phrases of Anaxagoras

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Anaxagoras is perhaps one of the least recognized Greek philosophers in history, despite having proposed the notions of 'nous' that refers to the thought and functioning of the mind. His work is part of the pre-Socratic philosophy and was the first of his kind to settle in Athens as a foreigner, after his forced departure from the destroyed city of Clazómenas, present-day Turkey.

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Great quotes and reflections of Anaxagoras

With this compilation of great quotes from Anaxagoras, you will be able to know the work of a philosopher who deserved his fixed place in the world history of philosophy.

1. Of all those we consider happy, there is not one that is.

Happiness is never completely real.

2. When the voice of an enemy accuses, the silence of a friend condemns.

When a friend does not raise his voice to defend you, he cannot be considered as such.

3. If you cheat on me once, it's your fault; if you fool me two, it's mine.

It's hard to trust someone who betrays you again.

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4. Nothing is born and nothing perishes. Life is an aggregation and death a separation.

Life and death go together along the way.

5. Do not say a few things in many words, but many things in a few words.

To speak you do not need many words, only the necessary ones.

6. It must be assumed that in everything that is combined there are many things of all kinds, and seeds of all things, which have different shapes and different colors and flavors.

Life is a set of many different things, hence its importance.

7. Don't promise great things, do great things.

Let your actions speak for you.

8. Science damages those who do not know how to use it as much as it is useful to others.

Everything has a positive as well as a negative side.

9. Appearances are a vision of the occult.

Do not trust appearances, they are a hoax.

10. All things participate in everything, while intelligence is infinite and governs itself and is not mixed with anything.

Seeks to have knowledge since it is the key that manages to open the doors.

11. The man is intelligent because he has a hand.

Everything you think you can create with your hands.

12. Intelligence knows all things and ordered all the things that are going to be and what were and what are now and what are not.

An intelligent person achieves everything.

13. I prefer a drop of wisdom to tons of riches.

Knowledge is more important than money.

14. If you are asked: "What is death?", Answer: "true death is ignorance." How many dead among the living!

Death occurs only when it is forgotten.

15. Intelligence is the purest of all things. It has a total knowledge of everything and is the maximum force.

Knowledge gives power.

16. Geometry is the knowledge of the eternally existent.

Reflections on the importance of geometry in life.

17. The spirit governs the universe.

The world is governed by energy, which gives it its movement.

18. Men would live incredibly calm if these two words, mine and yours, were removed.

The human being must learn to share in order to live happily.

19. The visible opens our eyes to the invisible.

You have to see beyond what your eyes leave you.

20. All things were together, infinite both in number and in smallness; because the little one was also infinite.

The little things in life also have their importance.

21. He who speaks, sows. He who listens, collects.

These words highlight the importance of knowing how to listen.

22. Do not speak or act without first having thought.

It is important that before speaking, each word that is going to be said is deeply thought through.

23. We measure the greatness of an idea by the resistance it provokes.

Everything new has some resistance at first.

24. Everything is in everything.

Each thing has its counterpart.

25. The Greeks mistakenly suppose that something begins or stops being; because nothing is born or destroyed; but everything is an aggregation or secretion of pre-existing things.

Everything comes from something that already existed.

26. Anger begins in madness, and ends in regret.

It refers to how dangerous insanity is.

27. Everything is made up of numbers.

Numbers are very important in life since, through them, we understand many things.

28. A hit from your friend is better than a kiss from your enemy.

Hidden betrayals hurt more.

29. The sun gives the moon its shine.

We all have someone who energizes us and makes us shine.

30. All becoming could more correctly be called becoming-mixed, and all corruption, becoming-separating.

On corruption in society.

31. If there is light, then there is darkness; if it's cold, it's hot; if there is height, there is depth; if there is solid, there is fluid; if there is hardness, there is softness, if there is calm, there is a storm; if there is prosperity, there is adversity; if there is life, there is death.

Life is a compendium of good and bad things.

32. All men have been created by God to gain knowledge and contemplate.

The human being was created to be intelligent.

33. There is no word or action that does not have its echo in eternity.

Everything that is done will leave an indelible mark.

34. The things in the world are not divided or separated with the blow of an ax.

Violence leads nowhere.

35. The weakness of our senses prevents us from reaching the truth.

If we are weak, the path becomes eternal.

36. In order not to waste time, read only the annals of a single people: all peoples are alike.

All cultures have things in common.

37. Write in the sand the faults of your friend.

You always have to forgive.

38. The art of happy living consists of living in the present.

Full happiness lies in just focusing on the present.

39. Movement defines what is alive.

Only what moves is full of life.

40. Everything has a natural explanation. The moon is not a goddess but a great rock globe and the sun is not a god but an immense world on fire.

Each thing has its explanation.

41. Respect the oath with all sorts of religion. Then honor the geniuses of goodness and light.

If you're going to make a promise, make sure you keep it.

42. Between two men equal in strength, the strongest is the one who is right.

Knowledge is what really makes a man strong.

43. Silence is better than uttering nonsense words.

If you don't have anything nice to say, then it's better to keep quiet.

44. Resolve to follow the most excellent conduct and you will out of habit delight yourself with it.

Follow a path that helps you be a better person.

45. In each thing there is a part of each thing.

We all have a bit of anger, joy, sadness, hope and faith.

46. The mind is infinite and governs itself, and does not mix with anything, but is alone in itself.

In the mind everything is possible since it has no border.

47. Who cuts the throat of an ox with a knife and remains deaf to the bellows of fear, who is capable of killing undaunted a frightened kid, and eats the bird which he himself has fed, how far is a man from crime So?

A critique of animal cruelty.

48. Souls never die, but always when leaving one dwelling place, they enter another.

No one is irreplaceable.

49. The seed of everything is in everything else.

We people have something in common.

50. All things change, nothing perishes.

Death is just a change.

51. Man is mortal because of his fears and immortal because of his wishes.

Fear does not lead to anything and neither does desire.

52. Do not see in your enemy more than a lost friend.

Whenever possible to resolve a conflict peacefully, do so.

53. Fools talk about something they do not know, just to demonstrate a wisdom they will never have, because it is limited to the truth and not to the effort to arrive at the truth.

The ignorant just want to prove something they don't have.

54. The descent to Hades is the same from anywhere.

To get to hell you just need to be willing.

55. Those who speak from here who do not know are destined to plunge into their own ignorance.

Ignorant people destroy themselves.

56. Happiness consists of being able to unite the beginning with the end.

If you accept life we ​​must also accept death.

57. Skill and need dwell close to each other.

Skills help overcome any hardship.

58. To educate is not to give a career to live, but to temper the soul for the difficulties of life.

In difficult moments you have to be calm.

59. Unhappy people live indirectly, happy people ignore.

Happiness grants a good life.

60. A beautiful old age is ordinarily the reward of a beautiful life.

Reaching old age is a reward of life.

61. Put your soul at the disposal of all good and necessary things.

Fill your life with beautiful things.

62. The best remedy for provocation is silence.

Silence may be the best answer.

63. Decisions are the hinges of fate.

Your decisions will shape your destiny.

64. Shut up or say something better than silence.

If you don't know what to say, keep quiet.

65. Don't make your body the grave of your soul.

Take care of your body as it contains your soul.

66. When the sage opens his mouth, the beauties of his soul are brought to view, like statues in a temple.

It's nice to hear someone smart talk.

67. Do not despise anyone: an atom casts a shadow.

No human being deserves contempt.

68. It is better for a man to have his mouth closed and others believe him to be a fool than to open it and others to convince themselves that he is.

It is better to be silent than to speak nonsense.

69. Save the tears of your children so that they can water your grave with them.

Don't give your children reasons to suffer unnecessarily.

70. As long as laws are necessary for men, they are no longer fit for freedom.

Laws often benefit a specific group and then it becomes an injustice.

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