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The 60 best nostalgia phrases

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Nostalgia is one of the most powerful sensations we can ever feel. Some, such as collectors or professional antique dealers, go so far as to devote a large part of their lives to the permanent search for this emotion.

Taking into account that throughout history many thinkers have spoken at some time about this psychological phenomenon, there are many written reflections about it. Here you will find a selection of these, through a list of the best phrases about nostalgia.

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The most memorable phrases about nostalgia

These are some of the most interesting reflections on nostalgia, discussed.

1. I don't go back to the places where I was; I remember them with a certain sense of nostalgia. (Madeleine Stowe)

Some people do not want to feel the thrill of homesickness very often, something that is easy to do. understand considering that this feeling reminds us how emotionally weak we are in reality.

2. No nostalgia feels as strong as nostalgia for things that never existed. (Rabih Alameddine)

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A unrequited love It is something that can also arouse a lot of nostalgia in us, although this, as Rabih Alameddine tells us in this appointment, has never been able to materialize.

3. Everyone is entitled to their own nostalgia. (James Wolcott)

All people will come to feel at some point in our lives the emotion of nostalgia, regardless of what our culture or social position may be.

4. There is always a kind of nostalgia for places where you recognize yourself. (Sam Shepard)

Those places that one day we visit will always awaken great memories in us., although it is very likely that we only remember the most positive ones.

5. You can suffer from homesickness in the presence of a loved one when you see that in the near future he will no longer be with you. (Milan Kundera)

When we know that sooner or later a loved one will abandon us, we already begin to feel nostalgic for him. That is why as people we should never leave a hug to give, or a I love you to say.

6. Nostalgia is a dangerous way to compare. (Brené Brown)

By nostalgically remembering something, we are never being objective. We must stick to concrete data if we want to be able to compare two different stages of our life.

Reflections on nostalgia

7. Many people are homesick thinking that they have been very happy in their teens, but that is probably wishful thinking. (Jo Brand)

Nostalgia is an emotion that will always be there to sweeten our past, regardless of whether it was more positive or more negative for us.

8. Nostalgia is a seductive liar. (George Ball)

Living in nostalgia is something that some of us may find comforting even though with the time we may discover, that our memories and reality can be two things totally antagonists.

9. We grow up with dreams in our eyes and songs on our lips, and we later discover that life is not what we thought it would be. And then we discover nostalgia. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

As we all discover at some point in our lives, existence is perhaps much more complicated than what initially we imagined, it is at that precise moment that some people usually discover what is the nostalgia.

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10. True nostalgia is a fleeting composition of disconnected memories. (Florence King)

Our memories and reality can be two totally different things and even sometimes they will have absolutely nothing in common.

11. I prefer the mystical clouds of nostalgia to the real thing. (Robert Wyatt)

There are many people who decide to live their lives permanently remembering the past, something that as we can see also happened to the British composer Robert Wyatt.

12. When you return to your old home you realize that you did not miss the house, but your childhood. (Sam Ewing)

It certainly does not depend on the place but rather on the moment. If as adults we visit a place where we were when we were little, we will be able to realize that that moment of the past, no matter how much we want it, will never return.

13. Looking at the past for a moment serves to refresh the sight, to rebuild it; and make it more apt to look forward. (Margaret Barber)

Remembering the past can help us live the present more fullyAlthough we must not indulge in our thoughts if we want to be able to succeed in the future.

14. Indeed, each era has its own false nostalgia. (Gary Ross)

All times tend to awaken nostalgia in a certain generation, whatever the most nostalgic time for us will ultimately depend on the moment in which we have born.

15. Nostalgia can be very powerful in the right hands. (Neel Mukherjee)

Some political speeches appeal largely to the nostalgia of the people, something very logical if we take into account that Political scientists are well aware of the great persuasive power that a feeling of nostalgia can have between the population.

16. Nostalgia for what is lost is more bearable than nostalgia for what was never had. (Mignon McLaughlin)

If at some point in your life you want something very strongly and you never get to possess it, it is very likely that you will never stop wanting it throughout your life.

17. You can't have a better tomorrow if you keep thinking about the past. (Charles Kettering)

If you do not live the present fully, your future will never be the one you want, taking this into account we must not waste our time absorbed in our thoughts about the past.

18. Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges of the old days. (Doug Larson)

Those details of the past that were most unpleasant to us do not usually appear when we remember something with nostalgia, and therefore we can come to have the feeling that our life used to be happier.

19. Nostalgia, more than anything, gives us the shudder of our own imperfection. (Emil Cioran)

Nostalgic memories often eliminate those things about us that we like least, thus creating an illusion in our mind of false perfection.

20. Nostalgia is being blind to the bad and only remembering the good. (Jarod Kintz)

When we remember a certain moment with nostalgia we are not really being objective, like people should be more aware that the past inevitably also had its bad moments.

21. In music, trends are always rising and falling in popularity, but nostalgia never dies. (Anthony Fantano)

Taking inspiration from an old song to create a new song is something that all artists know that it always works, because with only 4 notes a song can be able to make us feel a past moment and probably happier in our life.

22. It becomes easier, as you get older, to fall into nostalgia. (Ted Koppel)

As we accumulate experiences, nostalgia tends to become more powerful in us and that is precisely why, it is the elderly who tend to be more nostalgic.

23. I am not one of those who have nostalgia; I think it locks you in a moment in time and you don't think about now, about what to do. (Eleanor Holmes Norton)

The present is the most valuable moment that as individuals we have, because it is in that precise moment where we all live 100% of our lives.

24. The memory of things in the past is not necessarily the memory of things as they actually happened. (Marcel Proust)

Certainly people do not usually remember in a reliable way and therefore, we should never fall into the illusion that every moment in the past was always better.

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25. Nothing is more responsible for the "good old days" than having a bad memory. (Franklin P. Adams)

Memories are usually an improved version of what happened to us in the past, so we must learn to be objective with our thoughts if we want to be able to live our life in a much more way happy.

26. Nostalgia is when you want things to always stay the same. (Jeanne Moreau)

If we are happy at some point in our life we ​​will always wish that this never ends, although unfortunately as we will discover, time is something that nothing and no one can stop.

27. The distance is not only nostalgic, but also perspective and perhaps objectivity. (Robert Morgan)

As time goes by, people are able to realize things that we did not understand before and We can even heal some emotional wounds that previously could seem to have no solution.

28. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, it can drown anything. (Terrence Malick)

Nostalgia is such a powerful feeling that it can even confuse us, so we must make sure that we always live fully in the present.

29. How can I feel nostalgic for a world that I have not known? (Che Guevara)

Depending on how our past has been, we tend to have nostalgia for some things or others, something that shows us why this feeling is largely so unique and special.

30. Nostalgia often leads to useless speculation. (Paul Getty)

As much as we remember the past, placing special emphasis on it will not change what one day happened. As people we should all care more about our future than about our past.

31. Nostalgia is a complicated subject for me. Nostalgia attracts me, but I deny it intellectually. (Miuccia Prada)

On certain occasions, nostalgia can make us feel emotionally sensitive, which is why some people tend to repress these types of emotions.

32. Nostalgia is not a good place to live. (Gulzar)

As they say, the past is past. The present is always too bright to live permanently in our memories.

33. Today, being homesick is almost as unacceptable as racism. (Terry Eagleton)

Nostalgia is an emotion that as individuals we usually keep to ourselves, since speaking with nostalgia in society is a fact that sometimes causes some suspicion in some people.

34. What you end up remembering is not always the same as what you have experienced. (Julian Barnes)

Memory can sometimes play tricks on us and although we believe that we remember something reliably, it is likely that through nostalgia we have largely sweetened said memory.

35. In life, the warm glow of nostalgia amplifies good memories and minimizes bad ones. (Stephanie Coontz)

Human beings always tend to remember good times more strongly, since many difficult situations will probably be forgotten by us at some point in our lives.

36. Nostalgia is the disease of those people who do not realize that today is nostalgia for tomorrow. (Zeena Schreck)

Throughout our lives, people are always creating new experiences, that is why what happens to us in the present will also be remembered with nostalgia in the future.

37. I always make the separation between nostalgia and sentimentality. Nostalgia is genuine, one regrets things that really happened. (Pete Hamill)

As Pete Hamill says in this quote, nostalgia is sustained by situations that really happened, which is why this feeling comes to possess so much strength.

38. Nostalgia is one of the most legitimate and the longest lasting human emotions. (Irving Kristol)

Nostalgia is an emotion that when the day comes, all of us as human beings will live, regardless of our nationality or level of purchasing power.

39. There is a lot of nostalgia for the music of the past. (Jens Lekman)

Listening to an old song will always awaken in us a great nostalgia, maybe even some of these songs end up becoming our favorites.

40. Imagining the future is a certain kind of nostalgia. (John Green)

Dreaming of a better future can actually be a great exercise in nostalgia, a type of thoughts that are usually always more thought of by young people.

41. There is a certain romance and nostalgia in the place you leave. (David Guterson)

When you leave a place and know that you will probably never visit it again, nostalgia is an emotion that will undoubtedly always be present.

42. The end of something is not funny because there is nostalgia in it. Even the end of a bad relationship has a certain nostalgia. (Jessica Capshaw)

Every love relationship is always remembered with nostalgia because we must bear in mind that, no matter how badly it has gone, it will always have had positive moments worth remembering.

43. There are no better days than those we remember. (McCann column)

Those wonderful days that one day we live in the past, will always be remembered by us. Memory is undoubtedly a fantastic tool that can allow us to move in time at breakneck speed.

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44. Nostalgia is the product of dissatisfaction and anger. It is a settlement of grievances between the past and the present. (Don DeLillo)

Our current problems tend to remind us of the past in a nostalgic way, when in reality it is very likely that the past has also had problems that are just as important.

45. Why is the past so charming to all of us? (Franz Grillparzer)

Our memories are usually a very sweetened version of reality, this is due to a mechanism that our brain has to prevent us from falling into depression.

46. Nostalgia is a sweet place for a poet and a writer, but it is a distraction. You cannot live in a distraction. (Gulzar)

As much as we remember the past, it will never represent our reality, we must fully live today if we want to be able to achieve all our vital goals.

47. I have no time for nostalgia; life is too short, i don't have time to sit and say i miss things. (Kate Adie)

Although living in the past may seem attractive, only if we decide to take advantage of the present will we be happier in the future.

48. There is something incredibly nostalgic and meaningful about the annual fall of autumn leaves. (Joe L. Wheeler)

The colors of autumn and the fall of the leaves show us how everything in life is totally ephemeral, just as they do one day we too will wither.

49. Our culture's obsession with ancient objects makes us unable to separate history from nostalgia. (Sloane Crosley)

Ancient objects often arouse great nostalgia in many peopleIt is very common that when we see them immediately we usually remember what our life was like at that time.

50. I never wanted us to be an exercise in nostalgia, living in the shadow of other artists. (Steven Wilson)

Only by being unique and original will we be able to succeed as artists, since someone who is usually inspired by third parties will sooner or later give the feeling of being just a copy of the original.

51. If you are obsessed with nostalgia, imagine that today is yesterday and go out and have fun. (Art Buchwald)

Enjoying the present is the best way to live our life, we must never let the memories of the past come to direct our actions in the present.

52. Nostalgia is the vice of the elderly. We watch so many old movies that memories come to us in monochrome. (Angela Carter)

Watching movies that we saw as children will always be something that makes us very nostalgic, and it is even very likely that with the passage of time we will also decide to teach them to our loved ones more youths.

53. Nostalgia is: Do you remember the mall here? (George Saunders)

Those places that we once visited and that no longer exist today will always be remembered by all of us with great affection and melancholy.

54. Music evokes many feelings in us, memories, nostalgia; things that connect with our past. (Olga Kurylenko)

Music is an art that can take us back in time with great ease, although unfortunately this will only happen within our memory.

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55. It is never safe to be nostalgic for something, unless you are completely sure that there is no chance that it will appear again. (Bill Vaughan)

When we know that something will never happen again, nostalgia usually appears immediately. As individuals, we always long for everything that one day gave us satisfaction.

56. I'd trade all my tomorrows for a single day in the past. (Kris Kristofferson)

Many of us tend to wish we could relive experiences of the past, something that no matter how much we feel it simply turns out to be impossible.

57. People see the past through a thick veil of nostalgia, but life was hard if you weren't a rich and powerful white man. (Jon Hamm)

The passage of time can make us forget those most negative aspects that our life contained in it. past, as human beings we always tend to stay with everything positive that perhaps one day we it happened.

58. In the twilight of the dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia. (Milan Kundera)

Although tomorrow we will abandon our sentimental partner, we will always remember with great affection the good times that one day we lived with her.

59. In immigrant poetry, nostalgia is as common as confetti in parades or political events. (Amitava Kumar)

The fact of leaving your homeland is something very hard for anyone, which is why practically all immigrants always tend to remember their land with great nostalgia.

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60. You always feel at home in his memory. (Vladimir Nabokov)

All those positive moments that one day we live in the past, will always be remembered by us with great nostalgia. The past, on the other hand, always seems to be better in our memory than reality was.

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