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Leticia Rullán Sánchez De Lerín

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My name is Leticia. My vocation for psychology has led me to constantly seek training and experience. From the beginning of my career, I realized that not only one person came to the psychologist with his problems; There was a story, a family, a context, a culture, dreams and expectations of our own and others... and taking all this into account, the puzzle took shape. In addition, I could see that there are different ways of explaining problems and their meaning, with corresponding methods and techniques to promote change. So I decided to explore all of them, and thus always look for the best for each person and the reason for their consultation. I call this versatility, openness and adaptability to the patient an integrative approach. But, beyond theory and techniques, I consider it essential in my work to establish a solid bond, free from haste, labels, taboos and judgments about what others do, think or feel.

Always curious to continue learning and testing, my dedication to other areas such as psychoneuroimmunology, communication theory and Human Resources, has helped me to make my vocation my job: accompany people in the process of understanding and meeting their needs to feel better about themselves and with the environment that surrounds. I try to make psychology more everyday and accessible to everyone, that is why I also offer the online option. I always try to get the person out of the picture to see it from the outside, and I especially promote self-esteem and self-acceptance.

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I feel referenced by active techniques and metaphors to help my patients open the mind and body, and allow themselves to feel the emotions in their entirety in a safe and intimate space. Finally, my goal is to guide health psychology towards well-being at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, family and social. I think it is important to further promote the search for mental health (prevention), and make it a constant priority throughout all stages of our lives and ours. Why take care of ourselves only when the problem has appeared?

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