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Top 10 Sports Psychologists in America

The Psychologist and Sports Counselor Enhamed Enhamed He is a highly recommended and qualified professional in the field of Sports Psychology and currently His services are offered through online sessions in which he attends to adolescents, adults and also couples

Graduated in Psychology from the European University of Madrid, this professional has a Master of Internet Business, another Master of Specialist in Coaching and Personal Development and also has a Training Course in High Performance Coaching and another of Mindfulness.

In his consultation you will find a professional specialized in successfully attending to sports performance problems, such as those related to lack of self-motivation, concentration difficulties, poor stress management, and plus.

The Psychologist and Sports Coach Francesc Porta combines sports and business methodologies together with the best therapies of proven efficacy to attend to athletes and professionals who want to improve their performance, all through online sessions with all the possible comforts.

This professional is a senior basketball coach and currently also works with sports clubs and federations that request his services. Among his main intervention specialties are cases of anxiety and stress, athletic performance or leadership deficits, emotional management problems and mental readjustment in injuries.

Francesc Porta has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, ​​he has a Master in Coaching Directorate-Sport by Unisport Management School and throughout his career he has competed in basketball, tennis and Athletics.

The center UPAD Psychology and Coaching is made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in various areas of intervention, among which are Clinical Psychology, Sports Psychology and development personal.

The center's intervention is offered online, is totally individualized and is based on the application of various highly effective therapies, among which the cognitive-behavioral approach, Mindfulness and Third Party Therapies stand out Generation.

In addition to that, the main specialties of the professionals at this center are sports performance problems, deficits motivational, lack of leadership, problems in team cohesion, stress, low self-esteem and emotional problems of all kind.

The Psychologist and Coach Esther Julià She has a degree in Psychology from the University of the Balearic Islands, she has a Master's Degree in Sports Psychology from UNED and another Master's Degree in Coaching and Mentoring from UNIR.

His sessions are offered online with all the guarantees for adolescents, adults, the elderly and also couples who wish to request his services, and are based on the application of Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, together with Brief Therapy and Coaching.

This professional has specialized throughout her career in addressing sports performance problems, low self-esteem, stress, cases of anxiety or depression, deficits in coping skills and problems in managing go to.

The sports psychology professional Miguel A. Rodriguez Ramirez He has been serving athletes and adolescents for more than 25 years who may have a problem in the sports field and also in their daily life.

His intervention is offered telematically and is based on the integration of Mindfulness with other therapies of proven efficacy, with which addresses emotional issues, low self-esteem, stress, athletic performance issues, and deficits in skills training.

Miguel A. Rodríguez Ramírez has a Diploma in Economics from the Carlos III University, has a Master's degree in Professional Coaching by ICF, a Master of Emotional Intelligence and a Specialty in Mindfulness & NLP.

The General Health and Sports Psychologist Diego Segura He is another of the most prominent professionals today and his services are also offered by video call with all the guarantees for the client.

This professional is a specialist in applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy together with Coaching and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, tools of great utility with which he attends to problems in the sports field and also anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and cases of divorce.

Diego Segura has a degree in Psychology from the UNED, has a Master's degree in Psychology of Physical Activity and of Sports from the same university and also has a Master in General Health Psychology from the VIU.

The psychologist Rafael Rodriguez Soler he has specialized throughout his career in improving the athletic performance of his clients, offering the best resources to athletes and coaches to enhance their training psychological.

Graduated in Psychology from the Miguel Hernández University, this professional has a Master's Degree in Psychology of the Physical Activity and Sports by the Autonomous University of Madrid and also has a Medium Technical Degree Sports.

Its services are offered online and are based on the application of various highly useful avant-garde therapies, among which Mindfulness, Neurofeedback and Biofeedback stand out.

The Sports Psychologist Oliver Martinez He is another of the most prominent professionals in his field of intervention in Spain, and for more than 20 years he has been successfully serving athletes and coaches of all levels.

The services offered by him are also offered to sports clubs and entities online with all possible comforts for the querent and some of their main specialties are deficits in competitive skills, lack of confidence or self-esteem, lack of leadership or relationship problems in the team.

Oliver Martínez has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, ​​he has a Master's degree in Psychology of the Sports and Physical Activity and has another Master in Strategic Management of Marketing of Entities Sports.

The Sports Psychologist Lorraine Cos She has a degree in Psychology from the UNED, she has a Master's degree in High Performance Psychology and Sports Coaching by ISEP and is a Specialist in Sports Psychology by the Association for Psychological and Social Studies of Aragon.

Her services are offered online to coaches, athletes or sports clubs that may have problems with attention, confidence, self-esteem, emotional management, leadership deficits, or injuries sports

The Sports Psychologist and HealthCoach Laura Servos She also offers her services online to anyone who may have athletic performance problems, emotional management deficits, relational deficits, or injuries.

This professional has a degree in Psychology from the URL, has a Master in Communication, Problem Solving and Strategic Coaching and also has a Master's Degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology Physical.
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