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The 85 best phrases of thanks to a teacher

Teachers are fundamental figures in our lives, since they guide us, teach us and help us transform our thoughts and our knowledge about the world; That is why at the end of the course it is very common to dedicate phrases of gratitude to the teachers.

It is a way of showing that we appreciate what they have done for us or our children throughout the course, and that their work has an impact beyond the marks they get.

Therefore, in the following lines we will review by the best thank you phrases for teachers, commented.

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Quotes and phrases of gratitude to dedicate to teachers from gratitude

Next we will see a list with the best phrases and words of thanks to a teacher, which you can take as inspiration.

1. Educating a person is not making him learn something that he did not know, but making him someone that did not exist. Thank you very much for everything, teacher!

Knowledge makes anyone great.

2. The true teaching is not the one that fills the heads of children and young people with data, but the one that fills their hearts with hope; thank you for being the best teacher and dream builder.

Education that increases a positive attitude is the most important.

3. The mediocre teacher speaks. The good teacher explains. The great teacher demonstrates. But the ideal teacher inspires. (William Arthur Wild)

Each teacher has the task of inspiring the listener, arousing his curiosity and making him want to learn more.

4. Ordinary teachers only teach, but true ones build dreams for a better future in their minds and help to ignite in the hearts the flame that will illuminate the path that we will choose to follow in our lives.

The true teacher is one who knows how to reach the depths of the soul and generate an attitude of progress.

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5. Dear teacher, your words, your encouragement, support, discipline and your perseverance have taught me a lot, thank you for everything.

The best teaching a teacher can give is to be a better example.

6. Teaching may be the greatest of the arts, since the medium is the human mind and spirit. (John Steinbeck)

Teaching is a very rewarding activity.

7. They say that the one who knows the most is not the best teacher, but the one who teaches the best. you taught me a lot, dear teacher. Thanks for everything.

Having knowledge is good, but making it known is much better.

8. He is the best teacher I have ever had and I am sure I will never forget him. Thank you very much for being such a good teacher.

We always have a teacher that we remember fondly.

9. The older I get... the more I realize that my teachers were really wise. (Ally Carter)

As we grow older, we realize how difficult the teaching profession is.

10. Many times I argued with you, but the truth is that between each day that I spent learning with you, you made me a better person.

We are more prepared people thanks to the teachings of our teachers.

Quotes to thank a teacher

11. Creativity is not taught, but a good teacher can enhance it to unsuspected levels.

All knowledge must be taught creatively.

12. Our children are only as bright as we allow them to be. (Eric Micha'el Leventhal)

Putting limits on children can stunt their learning.

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13. Thank you from the heart for everything you teach me every day.

We should be grateful to the teachers for their patience and teachings.

14. Thank you dear teacher with everything you have taught me, you have made me become a better person, my education would not have been the same without a person like you.

We all need a teacher who encourages us to be better every day.

15. A good teacher, like a good artist, must gain the attention of his audience. Then he can proceed to teach. (John Henrik Clarke)

Every teacher has to be able to attract the attention of his students.

16. I had so many ways to get to my destination, but you showed me the right one. Only a wise teacher can do that. I am very grateful to you!

There are many ways to teach, only the true teacher is able to find the right path.

17. You are the best teacher in the world, you deserve an Oscar.

There is no award that recognizes the work of the teacher.

18. When you learn, you will teach. And when you teach, you will learn. (Phil collins)

In all teaching there is also learning.

19. Thank you for all the hours that he dedicated to us in the classroom and at his house, thank you for your infinite patience and for his affection, I wish God bless you my dear teacher.

For a teacher there is no free time, he dedicates everything to teaching.

20. Not only did you teach me what is good in life, but you also inspired me to do good in life

Knowledge goes beyond numbers and letters.

21. What the teacher is is more important than what he teaches. (Karl Menninger)

The teacher's teaching also encompasses his good behavior.

22. Thank you for the time that he has given us and the words that he has taught.

The time a teacher dedicates to teaching is rewarded by him.

23. Dear teacher, you have not only taught us what the books dictate, but to choose the right path over the wrong one, we are good people thanks to you.

A good teacher not only teaches knowledge but also to choose the right path.

24. With the perfect mix of chalk and challenges, a teacher can change lives. Thanks for changing ours. (Joyce Meyer)

A teacher faces many challenges teaching his students.

25. thank you teacher for teaching me so many things, and above all thank you for teaching me never to give up.

One of the great lessons a teacher teaches us is never to give up.

26. A teacher like you takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

A teacher with his teachings not only opens minds, but also hearts.

27. The teacher leaves a mark for eternity; you will never know when his influence stops. (Henry Adams)

The influence of a teacher is forever.

28. The things that they have given me, I will never be able to forget them and they are part of what you have given me. Thanks teacher.

What we learn in the classroom is never forgotten.

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29. Dear master, there are no words to express such gratitude for his noble work. Thank you very much for being an excellent teacher.

We can never be grateful for so many teachings that the teachers gave us in our walk through the school.

30. Education is not filling a bucket, it is lighting a fire. (William Butler Yeats)

The job of a teacher is to light the flame within us.

31. You don't discover what true patience is until you find the right teacher.

An excellent teacher is one who, through patience, teaches with great care.

32. I thank you for being the pioneer of my knowledge, for instructing me and giving me your best useful knowledge for life.

We always remember with pleasure that teacher who was like our second mother.

33. Good teaching is a prep room and three theater rooms. (Gail Godwin)

We must put into practice what we have learned.

34. Teacher of the year award. Thanks!

Each student has her favorite teacher.

35. You are a great teacher and a good human being. Thank you for your contribution to the construction of my life.

A good teacher is comparable to an architect since they both build.

36. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. (Mark Van Doren)

Good teaching is based on each person discovering their way.

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37. I may forget your classes, but not the kind of teacher you were. Thank you for all your teachings, especially those that helped shape me as a person.

We always fondly remember that teacher that he was so special.

38. Teachers are the map that guides the curiosity of their students and guides them in the world of knowledge so that Your knowledge will be of benefit and help you find your true vocation in the future. Happy day Teacher!

Teachers are that beacon that helps us illuminate our walk.

39. I believe that a great teacher is a great artist... and there are as few as there are great artists. (John Steinbeck)

Finding a good teacher is a difficult task.

40. Thank you, teacher, for showing us the capabilities that are hidden within us.

A good teacher is one who knows how to help us to know our abilities.

41. Thank you teacher for helping to plant our values.

Values ​​are very important lessons.

42. A child, a teacher, a book and a pencil can change the world. (Malala Yousafzai)

Knowledge is the only weapon that accomplishes everything.

43. I thank you professor for all the teachings of him during these years, both the knowledge and the personal ones.

Thanking teachers for all their work is one way to acknowledge their great work.

44. You have not only dedicated yourself to teaching us history lessons; You have taught us great life lessons that we will never forget.

The best teaching of a teacher is to educate to have a better quality of life.

45. I am indebted to my father for living, but I am indebted to my teacher for living well. (Alexander the Great)

Teachers are a fundamental part of our growth.

46. Children don't always remember what they have been taught, but they almost always remember the person who taught them. They will not forget you, thanks for everything.

Maybe we don't remember the lessons, but we do remember who did it.

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47. Thank you teacher for teaching me the true value of life.

When we learn to value life that it deserves, then we realize that we had great teachers.

48. The most valuable thing they have taught us? That, if we want it and we make an effort, we can achieve everything.

Effort and desire are included in good learning.

49. Thanks to you, I have learned to share and show solidarity with my colleagues.

A teacher also teaches empathy, caring, and companions.

50. You are more than a teacher to me. You have been a wonderful mentor and an incredible partner to me.

A teacher is also an excellent friend and advisor.

51. Every child should have an adult in their lives, apart from their parents, who cares about them. Often that person is a teacher. (Joe Manchen)

Teachers influence the lives of their students.

52. Knowledge is power and we were able to get here thanks to your superpower.

Children see their teachers as super heroes.

53. Teacher, thank you very much for everything, I know we were never the best students, but thanks to your patience and your knowledge we are great people today.

The teachings of yesterday paid off today.

54. If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put the teachers. They are the heroes of society. (Guy Kawasaki)

Teachers are unsung heroes.

55. The touch of a teacher transforms lives, and those lives transform nations.

The teachings of a teacher change lives.

56. Thank you teacher for believing in me, even more than I believed myself, and for giving me so much support and help.

The teacher always believes in our abilities and even more than ourselves.

57. Good teachers are those who are used as bridges to invite students to cross to the other side. (Nikos Kazantzakis)

Teachers teach lessons that are really going to be helpful throughout life.

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58. Thank you very much for guiding me on the right path.

A teacher knows how to guide without imposing.

59. A kiss, a hug and a clap for my teacher who is the best in the world.

The work of teachers is generally not as well recognized.

60. Those who educate children well should be rewarded more than those who believe children. (Aristotle)

The work of teachers is perhaps more important than the work of parents.

61. Attending your classes was always like diving into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom.

A fun class is a way to learn faster.

62. You are the best teacher ever! Thanks!

These words are the ones to praise that teacher who constantly helped us.

63. When a teacher doubts your potential, show them how wrong they are. (Ace Antonio Hall)

Teachers can also be wrong as they are only human beings.

64. The art of teaching is something in which few can stand out very much, that is why I am glad that my teacher was a Picasso.

It is not easy being a good teacher.

65. A teacher is a magician who can change the lives of his students just by writing on the board and dedicating his voice to the teaching of new worlds. to know, a good teacher knows how to guide the curiosity of his students in the right direction, thank you very much for being the best guide in our life student.

The best thing about the student stage was having met teachers who were always looking out for us.

66. A child with a lack of education is a lost child. (John F. Kennedy)

If a child has no education, he will be incomplete.

67. My education would not have been the same without a person like you.

Every person in the world has had a teacher who has been his guide and encouragement.

68. Thank you teacher for dedicating so much extra time, without your help I would not have been able to pass the course.

A teacher is able to set aside time to help a troubled student.

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69. The secret of education lies in respecting the student. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Respect for the student must be fundamental for the teacher.

70. I am grateful to have such a wonderful teacher. Thanks for everything!

Beautiful phrase to thank the work of a great teacher.

71. You have always educated with the heart, and I cannot thank you more.

The teacher puts his whole soul in every teaching he gives.

72. Teachers inspire you, entertain you and you end up learning a lot from them... even when you are not aware. (Nicholas Sparks)

It is an adventure to go to the classrooms and listen to the teacher.

73. Teacher, you have to tell me a secret. Where does your heart hide? Because he has to have a huge heart to love all his students equally and lovingly teach them everything they need and more to find their way in this society.

For teachers, each student is special.

74. A stage has ended that has been wonderful. Thank you Professor.

Each school term is a stage passed thanks to the help of the teachers.

75. If you learn from good teachers, you will learn more about his charisma and dedication than about his style. (William Glasser)

To really know the teacher is to learn a little more about him.

76. Thank you teacher for your dedication to my learning, for sharing your knowledge and for pushing me to be better every day.

We are fully committed to recognizing the praiseworthy work that teachers have.

77. Thank you professor for the time you dedicate to this beautiful profession, in which for your dedication, for his efforts, for his patience and commitment, it is my fundamental base of my development as person.

There are teachers who with their dedication and professionalism have been reason to be imitated.

78. A good teacher can create hope, ignite the imagination, and inspire a love of learning. (Brad Henry)

The master's work is inspiring.

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79. You are an inspiration to me, you always help me open my mind.

A true teacher inspires and makes the imagination run wild.

80. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me what I am. Without your contribution, I would feel less than a complete man. Thanks! Teacher.

We are all committed to recognizing the work of teachers.

81. Only the teacher who loves to learn has the right and the ability to help others. (Ruth Beechick)

Teachers also learn from their students.

82. Words are not enough to express the gratitude we feel for all your teachings that you transmit to us every day with patience and dedication.

Constancy, dedication and patience are the weapons used by a teacher.

83. You have inspired smiles and dried tears... but above all, you have filled us with love.

A teacher is also that friend who listens and gives solutions.

84. Education is that which survives when everything that has been taught is forgotten. (B.F. Skinner)

It refers to the importance of education.

85. You have made education an art and a gift, not an obligation.

Learning should be an enjoyable activity, not an imposition.

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