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The 10 best Detox Clinics in Palma de Mallorca

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Forum Terapeutic Mallorca is another of the most valued detoxification centers in Palma de Mallorca and its team of therapists is currently formed by a group of professionals from psychology and psychiatry.

The intervention of the center is individualized and its team of therapists is specialized in applying various therapies based on scientific evidence, among which are Family and Couples Therapy and Therapy Cognitive-behavioral.

In addition to that, the main disorders attended by the professionals of the Forum Terapeutic Mallorca are cases of alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling, internet and video game addiction, codependency and dual diagnosis.

The CITA Clinic It is one of the most prestigious addiction treatment centers in our country and currently its services are offered online with all possible comforts and attention.

The center's team of multidisciplinary professionals is specialized in offering a totally personalized, adapted to the needs of each client and based on the application of the best efficacy therapies proven.

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Mindfulness, Cognitive-behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are some of the therapies used to attend successful cases of drug addiction, gambling, alcoholism, internet addiction, sex addiction and drug addiction video game.

The detox clinic Vidanova Association has a team of highly qualified therapists who have been helping adolescents, adults and the elderly to overcome their addiction cases for more than 10 years.

The intervention of this center is based on EMDR Therapy, as well as other effective methodologies such as the approach cognitive-behavioral or Mindfulness, all of them applied in online sessions with all the guarantees for the customer.

The main intervention specialties of Asociación Vidanova are cases of alcoholism, abuse substance abuse, codependency, sex addiction, anxiety and addiction to the internet or video game.

The G.SIN Psychology Clinic Addictions offers individualized online treatment for people of all ages who may present cases of addiction, as well as in the family environment.

For more than 10 years, the center's team of therapists have aimed to promote the prevention and rehabilitation of behaviors addictive, working not only in the center but also teaching courses and workshops in various educational centers in the Community Valencian.

This clinic is directed by the prestigious psychologist Sara Meca Zapatero, a professional specialized in applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to attend to cases of addiction to cocaine and other drugs, alcoholism, gambling, dual diagnosis and addiction to the internet or video games.

The addiction treatment and detox center Llaurant La Llum has more than 35 years of experience caring for people who may be going through a period of discomfort in their lives.

The center's professionals treat a wide variety of different addictions, among which the following stand out: drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, internet addiction, video game addiction, and drug abuse substances.

Llaurant La Llum's team of therapists is highly qualified and their services are also offered electronically.

The detox center Fromm Wellness provides a totally individualized service through the online modality to adolescents of all ages, adults, the elderly and also families.

The center's intervention is integrative and is based on the application of the cognitive-behavioral approach together with other guidelines of proven efficacy, such as Mindfulness, the humanistic approach or Family Therapy and Couple.

At the Fromm Bienestar center you will find the most suitable professional to deal with cases of gambling, drug addiction, substance abuse, sex addiction, alcoholism or addiction to video games.

The psychologist Luis Miguel Real Kotbani He is also a specialist in the treatment of addictions and in his office he attends adolescents online, adults and couples who may present cases of gambling, drug addiction, alcoholism, addiction to sex or new technologies.

This professional has a Graduate in Psychology from the University of Valencia, has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, two Courses Formative in Coaching and Gestalt Psychotherapy and a Master in Research, Treatment and Associated Pathology in Drug addiction.

The Capistrano Clinic is a rehabilitation center that opened its doors more than 30 years ago and is currently one of the oldest and most recommended detoxification centers in Palma de Mallorca.

The center offers a residential treatment service for the detoxification of cocaine, the drug addictions, alcoholism, new technologies, sex addiction, gambling and also Eating Disorders.

The clinic has a multidisciplinary team of therapists made up of psychologists and psychiatrists specialized in offering treatment based on scientific evidence at all times.

The professionals of the detox and recovery center Bonaire Detox They specialize in treating all types of addictions, both chemical and behavioral, and their main objective is to detoxify the client and improve their health.

The center's therapies are offered both individually and in groups and its main specialties are drug addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, addiction to sex, shopping or new technologies.

For more than 30 years, professionals in Project Man they have helped thousands of people to overcome their addiction problems throughout all of Spain.

The Palma center offers a therapeutic and prevention service for young people and adults who may be going through drug addiction or alcoholism, as well as for their families.

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