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The 65 best famous phrases of revenge

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Revenge phrases are something like the signature with which a punishment is sealed or, in any case, with which the desire to compensate for the damage caused by someone is expressed. At times, they can become a dramatic element used in works of art; in others, they are phrases used in real contexts and directed against people who really existed. But also, of course, it is possible to be critical of this concept, defending forms of relationship that do not have to do with hatred.

On the other hand, revenge is surely one of the oldest and most used concepts in history, especially as a propaganda device. As a feeling, it has a somewhat complex meaning or interpretation. Revenge is considered a harmful act towards a person who has committed a wrong one or more previous individuals, and that normally consists of making them suffer at least the same pain that the culprit in question inflicted on their victims.

In ancient times, the feeling of revenge was used to deliver justice and give exemplary punishments. It was a way of making a "balance of emotions" between the aggressor and the victim. In Mediterranean society, it was very common for powerful families to carry out this type of practice to resolve a family or economic conflict.

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The most heartfelt revenge phrases

Throughout the history of mankind thousands of memorable revenge phrases have appeared. Here we show you the most relevant phrases.

1. Revenge and tragedy often happen at the same time. Forgiveness redeems the past (Jeanette Winterson)

Revenge is not always pleasant.

2. Those who indulge in revenge and take justice into their own hands rarely know where the limit is (Richelle Mead)

Violence can be a dangerous spiral.

3. It is useless to satisfy vengeance with vengeance; will not cure anything (J. R. R. Tolkien)

The famous writer is also skeptical of the idea of ​​revenge.

4. If he concentrates on revenge, wounds that otherwise would have healed are kept fresh (Adeline Yen Mah)

Have to know controlling emotions in moments of tragedy.

5. My revenge has just begun! I will spread it through the centuries, and time is on my side (Bram Stoker)

The writer and author of Dracula thus expressed his feelings of revenge.

6. I choose not to energize the emotions of revenge, hatred or the will to control (Rosanne Cash)

Good reflection to detract from this type of action.

7. Whoever aspires to justice must know that the only truly effective justice is that which does not represent revenge (William Ospina)

No evil is cured by revenge.

8. The desire for revenge is a human feeling (Ángeles Goyanes)

The Spanish writer specified in this way what revenge is.

9. If they knew that acts of violence must be paid for with the same coin in other lives, how much less would the desire for revenge be! (Brian L. Weiss)

Another interesting reflection on what this feeling implies.

10. I will hurt you for this. I still don't know how, but give me time. You will know that the debt will be paid (George R. R. Martin)

This is how the American fantasy writer George R. R. Martin

11. An eye for an eye, the essence of all revenge (John Katzenbach)

It is the classic definition of revenge.

12. You can have justice or you can have revenge. But not both (Devin Grayson)

Devin Grayson did not associate justice with revenge, although many other people do.

13. I warn you, if you bore me, I will take my revenge (J. R. R. Tolkien)

A very humorous way of talking about boredom used by the author of the Lord of the Rings.

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14. Spending a long time hoping that someone will suffer the consequences of what they did to him, then he is allowing them to hurt him a second time (John Williams)

The desire to quench the thirst for revenge can destroy us.

15. No matter how many times people try to criticize you, the best revenge is to prove them wrong (Zayn Malik)

A smart way to face revenge without any violence.

16. The best revenge is not to be like your enemy (Marco Aurelio)

The cunning emperor was always characterized by his wisdom.

17. Before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves (Confucius)

The Chinese author thus delights us with this way of referring to the self-destructive character of those who bet everything on revenge.

18. To take revenge without enthusiasm is to seek disaster; one of two, either you condemn yourself or you crown your hatred (Pierre Corneille)

The French playwright was famous for the epic plays he wrote himself. XVII, which often contained doses of revenge.

19. Revenge is sweet and is not fattening (Alfred Hitchcock)

For many this is the most correct meaning.

20. Today we cannot succumb to thoughts of violence and revenge, but rather to thoughts of mercy and compassion (Marianne Williamson)

The English activist was always a banner of peace and forgiveness, and this phrase about revenge and her opposition to compassion is proof of that.

21. To be angry is to take revenge for the faults of others on ourselves (Alexander Pope)

Being angry with others, is to be angry with ourselves.

22. Revenge is the sweetest morsel, for the palate, that has ever been cooked in hell (Walter Scott)

In keeping with Alfred Hitchcock, Sir Walter Scott was of the same mind.

23. If they insult us, shouldn't we take revenge? (William Shakespeare)

Shakespeare saw a natural and human feeling in revenge.

24. I do not speak of revenge or forgiveness, forgetting is the only revenge and the only forgiveness (Jorge Luis Borges)

Forgetting is the best remedy to quench revenge.

25. Upon him I will pour all the demons of outer darkness look in amazement and recognize that man's specialty is revenge (Patrick Rothfuss)

Other authors more skeptical about the condition of the human being, expressed their opinion in this way.

26. The difference between punishment and revenge is anger (Penelope Parker)

Anger is the component that encourages retaliation.

27. Dropping rancor, rage, violence and revenge are necessary conditions to live happily (Pope Francis)

Revenge will never bring us happiness, according to this benchmark of Catholic Christianity.

28. It is not violence that uproots hatred, nor revenge that washes injury (Charlotte Bronte)

Charlotte Bronte saw no good in all that revenge entailed.

29. When you go on a journey of revenge, start by digging two graves: one for your enemy and one for yourself (Jodi Picoult)

Picoult was that blunt for whoever he believed in revenge.

30. Weak people take revenge. The strong forgive. Smart people ignore (Albert Einstein)

Great reflection of this great scientist, that he establishes a clear comparison between various types of attitudes.

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31. Revenge is like a rolling stone, which, when a man has moved it, will return on him with greater violence (Jeremy Taylor)

Jeremy Taylor found it personally damaging to take revenge as justice.

32. Man must develop for all human conflicts a method that rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation (Martin L. King)

The illustrious activist for black rights, was defender of peace and forgiveness.

33. Writing well is the best revenge (Dorothy Parker)

Curious and interesting remedy for violence. Revenge comes in many forms.

34. Revenge is a dish best served cold (Stephen Fry)

We all know this expression. In hot there is never revenge.

35. A man who thinks of revenge keeps his wounds open (Francis Bacon)

For Francis Bacon it was absurd to think of solving a conflict by hurting the aggressor.

36. Revenge is always the weak pleasure of a small and narrow mind (Juvenal)

The poet of the Roman era wrote in his works what revenge was for him.

37. Revenge is not always sweet, once consummated we feel inferior to its victim (Emile M. Cioran)

The result of taking justice into our own hands is not always positive.

38. Only revenge does not require punishment (Pierre Corneille)

Pierre surprises us again with an unorthodox meaning of revenge.

39. Being what life is, one dreams of revenge (Paul Gauguin)

For Paul Gauguin we live in a world that feeds this feeling.

40. Hate is the coward's revenge for being bullied (George Bernard Shaw)

Forceful expression of the Irish playwright and politician, surely influenced by the tensions between England and Ireland of his time.

41. By taking revenge, a man is equal to his enemy, but by passing over her, he is superior (Francis Bacon)

Revenge consists of act differently than your attacker, according to Bacon.

42. Happiness is the best revenge, you know? Just be happy (Emily Griffin)

Ignoring revenge will provide comfort. Consume it, sadness.

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43. The problem with revenge is that it cannot heal the wounds that one feels (Peter May)

Peter May assures in this way that nothing good can come out of this feeling.

44. Men are more likely to return a wrong than a favor, because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure (Robert Greene)

Robert Greene provides a curious reflection on why revenge is so recurrent.

45. The God of the whites orders the crime. Our gods ask us for revenge (Alejo Carpentier)

Cuban writer, he was a great influencer in the struggle of Latin American countries against Western interference.

46. Many suicides obey rage and revenge, not just sadness (Patricia Cornwell)

The first victim of revenge is the one who wants to consume it.

47. It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; every complaint already contains revenge (F. Nietzsche)

This philosopher was very skeptical with the moral standards of the human being.

48. The best revenge is to be different from the one who did the damage (Marco Aurelio)

Caesar offers us another wise piece of advice.

49. The best revenge is a great success (Frank Sinatra)

The singer-songwriter, with a murky past, thus reflects on revenge.

50. The best revenge is to live and test yourself (Eddie Vedder)

The former guitarist for Pearl Jam told us how to overcome our thirst for revenge.

51. Living well is the best revenge (George Herbert)

Again, an alternative solution to resentment is recommended, stating that happiness is the best cure.

52. Success is the best revenge (Kanye West)

Another famous singer-songwriter who declines violence to resolve a conflict.

53. Revenge is never good, it kills the soul and poisons it (Gómez Bolaños)

The Mexican actor and writer thus expressed his idea of ​​revenge.

54. She had felt bound to him by a love that had some wounded vanity and that looked a lot like revenge (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

This famous novelist from the time of Tsarist Russia he reflects in this way on various disguises that revenge can adopt.

55. No more tears now, I'll think of revenge (Mary, Queen of Scots)

Thus he expressed his feelings in a sad moment for the Scottish leader.

56. If an injury has to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his revenge need not be feared (Nicholas Machiavelli)

Nicolás Machiavelli was a great influencer in the way of doing politics.

57. While you are meditating revenge, the devil is meditating a recruit (François de Malherbe)

Revenge is advice from the devil, according to Malherbe.

58. I have recorded it within the hills, and my revenge, on the dust within the rock (Edgar Allan Poe)

Edgar "tormented soul" Poe became famous for his works full of love and hate.

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59. Refraining from imitating is the best revenge (Marco Aurelio)

We must not act as they have acted against us.

60. If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge (William Shakespeare)

The English playwright thus defines what he thinks about revenge.

61. There is a little revenge in words, but words can be very much revenge (Benjamin Franklin)

One of the founders of the United States of America he reflected like this in his memories. Culture and intellect is the best of revenge.

62. Revenge is in my heart, death in my hand, blood and revenge are hitting my head (William Shakespeare)

Once again, Shakespeare shows us his yearning for revenge.

63. I will achieve my revenge, be it in this life or the next (Comfortable)

Son of Marco Aurelio, he thus swore to avenge the suspicious death of his father.

64. I will have to avenge myself in the cruelest way you can imagine (John Steinbeck)

The American writer described his feelings like this in one of his works: The Grapes of Wrath.

65. There are four basic human needs: food, sleep, sex and revenge (Banksy)

The flamboyant British artist expressed in this way the natural needs of the human being, among which is revenge.

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