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Psychologist Mercedes García Puerto (Madrid)

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I am a Psychologist with training in Brief Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Mediation, during university studies I specialized in clinical psychology, emotional intelligence and human resources. I believe that Psychology is not only useful for when we are faced with a situation that worries us and it affects our lives, but it is the best tool we have. to move in our day to day and to face the challenges and changes that are being presented to us all, all from the acceptance and adequate management of the emotions that we they generate. I acknowledge that I am in love with this profession, from which I want to offer you my experience and help, I will always be willing to listen to whoever requests it.

I have treated people with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD, relationship problems, psychic trauma, bonding and attachment, panic disorders, and work environment conflicts.

From the first session, if you wish and at no additional cost, we will work on learning mindfulness techniques, as a pillar to recover the long-awaited calm. I will accompany you in each session so that you can manifest and understand the reason for those symptoms that They have been worrying you for a long time, for which we will use different desensitization techniques and coping. I work with flexible hours adapted to your needs. My challenge is to ensure that in the least number of sessions you do not need my services.

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