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The 10 best Coaches in Pedralbes (Barcelona)

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The Psychologist and Sports Coach Francesc Porta Throughout his long career, he has specialized in offering a coaching service to people, athletes, professionals or teams who want to improve some aspect of their lives.

This professional applies in his sessions various sports, business and psychological methodologies, with which he addresses deficits leadership or emotional management, skill development, personal or professional transitions, and mental readjustment in injuries.

Francesc Porta has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona; He has a Master's Degree in Management-Sports Coaching and High Performance Psychology from Unisport Management School; He has competed in basketball, tennis and athletics, is currently a senior basketball coach and also serves sports federations and clubs.

The anxiety coach Ana Isabel Marín Jodar She attends to anyone who wishes to request a personal, professional or executive coaching service, offered both online and in person.

As director of the prestigious Barcelona Anxiety Therapy center, this professional fully assists individualized grief processes, personal or couple crises, stress, low self-esteem, insecurities or divorce cases.

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The Mentor & Coach Manel Fernandez Jaria He is one of the most outstanding professionals in our country and over more than 25 years he has specialized in serving people, managers and entrepreneurs who want to improve their personal performance or professional.

Her intervention is online and integrates various therapies of great proven efficacy adapted to the needs of each client and their main specialties are social skills deficits, lack of leadership, stress, relational difficulties, decision-making, and team cohesion.

Manel Fernandez Jaria graduated in Humanities from the UDL, has a Master's degree in Occupational Safety, Health and Well-being, another in Psychopedagogy, a Postgraduate Degree in Emotional Intelligence for Organizations and an Expert Training Course in Coaching, Intelligence Emotional and NLP.

The Coach and professor of psychology techniques Cristina Salguero He has a Master's MBA of Specialization in HR from Cerem Business School and a Postgraduate Degree in Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming from the Isabel I University.

Her intervention is offered both online and in person to adolescents and adults who may present emotional difficulties, cases of anxiety or depression, stress, trauma, gender violence or deficits of self esteem.

This professional is a specialist in identifying negative behavior patterns that may affect a person's potential and in her sessions she integrates Coaching together with NLP and Mindfulness.

The Psychologist and Coach Ester Fernandez she has more than 10 years of professional experience behind her and as director of the Psicoconsulting center Empresarial attends both in person and by video call to adolescents, adults, couples and families

Her intervention integrates coaching together with other therapies of proven efficacy such as Cognitive-behavioral Therapy or Brief Therapy, with which addresses family conflicts, low self-esteem, stress, relationship crises, divorce cases and deficits in coping skills coping.

Ester Fernández has a degree in Psychology from the Open University of Catalonia, she has a Master in Human Resources from ESSAE, a Diploma in Teaching and also has two separate Training Courses in Psychology-Coach and in Disorders of Anxiety.

The Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist Andrea Gaia She is a specialist in treating cases of anxiety, phobias, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, sex addiction, gambling and insomnia.

His intervention is offered both online and in person and is based on the integrated application of Coaching together with Clinical Hypnosis or Neurolinguistic Programming.

The psychologist Pol Osés He has a Graduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, ​​he has a Graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and is a specialist in jointly applying Coaching together with Mindfulness and Therapy Cognitive-behavioral.

This professional has specialized throughout her career in serving adolescents over 14 years of age, as well as also to adults under 45 and also to couples who may be going through a period of difficulty in their relationship.

Her intervention is inclusive and adapted to the needs of each client, being some of her main specialties, personal or couple crises, trauma, emotional difficulties, family conflicts, anxiety and low self esteem.

The Coach Aroa Quer She is a specialist in offering a personal Coaching service based on the joint application of various effective methodologies, such as Mindfulness, Yoga or music therapy.

Her main intervention specialties are self-esteem deficits, stress and personal problems that arise daily that may affect emotional or psychological balance.

Aroa Quer has a Master's Degree in Advanced Professional Coaching Program from Edpyn and also has a Yoga Nidra Instructor Training Course from the Infinite Yoga School.

Ramón Estrada T. has more than 20 years of experience offering a professional coaching service to companies that want to improve their performance or find new ways to achieve their goals.

This professional is a specialist in enhancing a wide variety of elements, among which the transformation emotional, stress management, professional team cohesion, increased leadership, business tactics and resilience.

The center Coach Barcelona has a team of professionals specialized in providing a professional Coaching and Personal Coaching service to all those who need it.

In this center you will find the ideal coach to improve social or family relationships, train communication, improve self-esteem, learn leadership skills, increase motivation or learn to manage stress.

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