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Psychologist María Huertas Vieco (Madrid)

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I have a degree in psychology and a master's degree in clinical psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid. I started my professional career in 2012, at which time I founded Psinergia with my partner, partner and friend Gema Cortés. We inaugurated Psinergia at a time of crisis, convinced that it was the moment of the brave and that great difficulties but also success would await us. And so it has been, today our cabinet has 6 professionals and continues to grow. During all this time, knowing that continuous training is an act of responsibility in our profession, I continued to train and I have postgraduate training in educational guidance, systemic family and couple therapy, brief therapy and psychology perinatal. I serve both the adult population and couples, families and children and adolescents. I love my profession. I like to make the people who come to my practice feel at home and, if I had to define my way of working, I would say that, fundamentally, I work with passion.

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