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Psychologists in El Campello

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Diploma in Theology.

I am José Pellón, a businessman by vocation and a counselor at heart. As a result of my social commitment, the last 10 years of my life I have spent combining, the commercial management in Grupo Abascal Internacional with training in marriage counseling, behavior and pedagogy of children and teenagers; as well as interpersonal relationships at work. And the result of all this preparation is a space created to help at work, in your relationships, and with your children. All this through my personal reflections and the points of view of many experts. And always from respect, ethics and morals.


I am Verónica, I have a degree in Psychology from the Miguel Hernández University and a specialist in Sexology and Couples Therapy. From a very young age, it was clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to therapy and, during my college years, I specified that I wanted to specialize in sexual and relationship problems. You can benefit from both my knowledge and my personal experience to, drawing the way together, go towards a better life.

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Psychological care and hypnotherapy for cases of depression, anxiety, phobias, emotional dependence, eating disorders, addictions. Consultations under online mode. Mental health professional with extensive clinical experience dedicated to the care of adults, adolescents, children and family therapy. Third generation psychotherapy in cases of depression, anxiety, phobias, emotional dependence, eating disorders, addictions, psycho-oncology. Counseling and accompaniment to relatives of cancer patients. Orientation-sexual identity. Vocational guidance, promote changes in learning and strengthen personal and professional resources.

General Health Psychologist

I am a health psychologist specializing in addictions and systemic family therapy. I believe that communication is the best tool available to a psychologist and, on the other hand, that no one knows more about their own history that oneself so what I do with my patients is accompany them in the process of knowing, accepting and loving themselves by changing what they consider.

Degree in psychology

I have a degree in Psychology with a clinical itinerary and health authorization. I have been in psychological care for fifteen years. I've always been passionate about psychology, personal growth, and helping relationships. I have received a wide and varied training in various techniques and therapeutic currents (personality, enneagram, cognitive-conductive, Gestalt, bioenergetic, psychoanalysis, psychodrama, owner, emergencies, couples therapy, systemic family therapy ...) that allow me to adapt the work to the needs of each person.

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