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Psychologist Inma Pastor (Godella)

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I am Inma Pastor Arándiga, collegiate in Psychology NºCV1446 and Logopedia NºLR074. I have more than 20 years of experience in child and personal psychotherapy, family counseling and speech therapy. Currently I combine clinical practice with talks in educational centers and update my training with independent courses. Behind my choice of a profession as a psychologist, there is an instinct to want to help others, and to make it happen with a warm, simple and direct treatment. From a useful psychology approach, responding to the need of the person who comes to the consultation.

My specialty is child and family psychology, in which I defend affection and consistency in the application of values. The child needs above all to "feel loved" but also he needs to be demanded and guided. My interventions related to childhood problems focus on supporting parents in the difficult task of educating, and that they are aware that they are primarily responsible for is. Regarding learning difficulties, my conclusion is that lack of motivation and self-esteem are the main causes.

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My theoretical guides are COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, the fundamental thing is the attitude and the conviction that we are capable, and POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, optimism and illusion are essential to fight against adversities.

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