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Psychologists in L'Alcúdia

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Legal, Forensic and Mediator Psychologist

I am a psychologist specialized in the field of Legal Psychology. Committed to my profession, always from empathy and humanizing the procedures in which I intervene, I develop my activity professional in the Criminal, Civil, Family and Labor field, working with rigor, honesty, vocation, impartiality and objectivity.

Bachelor of Psychology

Jose Terrés, director of PROLIDERA, has a licensed Psychology degree (no. CV05151) and Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention (specialties Safety, Ergonomics and Psychosociology). After a long professional career as HR Director and PRL Coordinator in various companies, he currently works as a psychologist-coach with his own consultation and human capital consultant. His complementary training includes: Master in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy by the Official College of Psychologists of the Valencian Community, Master Expert in Coaching accredited by ASESCO, Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, and other training related to leadership and teamwork, mediation and conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, etc.

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Degree in psychology

I am dedicated to: Health psychology, through the realization of therapies, working on the thoughts that our emotions produce. Legal psychology, conducting expert psychological reports, especially in divorce proceedings. I like to know all the news in my field of work. For this reason, I continue to train, take courses, attend conferences and workshops. Throughout my experience, I have dealt with very diverse problems, individually, as a couple and as a family. My main objective is to help you achieve emotional well-being, to feel better about yourself. I use an integrative approach, incorporating techniques from various psychotherapeutic models, adapting them to each person. I collaborate with other health professionals. Throughout the therapy sessions, I carry out continuous and personalized follow-up.

Psychologist in Alzira and Algemesí

My name is Daniel Santiago, I am a Health Psychologist with a clinical mention and I can accompany you in the process to solve any mental or emotional difficulty that you are going through. There are times when we cannot or do not know how to cope with what happens to us. Step by step, and while the therapy process lasts, we are going to focus on understanding what happens to us to later provide you with the necessary tools to know how to manage it. Any questions you need to solve I will be at your disposal. !I'll wait for you


Thanks for reading me. I know that it is a difficult time to manage, that is why I have chosen this profession to accompany you in this situation and give you tools to alleviate that discomfort that you are experiencing. I hope you contact me and we get to know each other to work on you.


Sometimes we do not find a way to solve our problems, time passes and we continue doing the same and sometimes, we even get used to being bad: we get used to being suffering. But why? Well, because asking for help sometimes costs. The important thing is to find a good professional, with empathy and who is capable of creating that psychologist-patient relationship that helps so much to make therapy effective. Therefore, I recommend that you ask for help, that you ask questions, that you feel free to express yourself and, above all, that you prepare yourself to live an experience that will help you to know yourself better and will teach you strategies to improve your life.

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