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Psychologists in O Burgo

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Psychologist + Master's Degree in Sports Psychology + INEF

The concept of OPTIMIZE refers to the action of getting something or someone to develop in the best way, efficiently and effectively. Have you ever thought about OPTIMIZING your performance, do you think it is only for elite athletes? Human (and sports) performance are elements that can always be OPTIMIZED, either because it has been detected some anomaly in its habitual operation or, still not perceived, because the processes are susceptible to to get well. My training and experience from the field of Psychology and Sports Sciences have made me realize that people have many aspects of their day to be optimized (in their work, in their studies, in their daily personal performance, in their sports discipline, when establishing habits, etc). Therefore, meeting a professional who knows how to do it can help all of these situations develop to their full potential.

Degree in psychology

My name is Carla, I am a Psychologist from the UCM with a specialization in Clinic and General Health Psychologist. After graduation, I studied the Master's Degree in Integrative Humanist Psychotherapy, where I rediscovered my vocation for Psychology and the humanistic conception of the person within the therapeutic process. My commitment to therapeutic work is also based on my own process of personal therapy and supervision of my patients. In this way, I offer you a safe and trusting space in which we can discover the fears, deficiencies or conflicts that are now preventing you from living a full life.

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Systemic therapist

Extensive experience in working with families and with adolescents. I have had the opportunity to accompany different people in their changes, decision-making and insecurities to get to a better place. I do not direct or solve the life of anyone because only you can do that, but I can make the path easier for you. Reflect, question, imagine, project, change, we will make a great effort until we find that option that was not so clear or that you had not tried. Will be worth.

Health psychology

Health psychologist with experience in care for adults and adolescents. Expert in emotional regulation, anxiety reduction techniques and psychoeducation. My goal is to identify what is behind the psychological discomfort to build tools to manage it.


If you are looking for a Psychologist in A Coruña, surely you are not having a good time, perhaps it is you or a loved one who suffers from discomfort, and in some way you want to alleviate it. There are many concrete causes that can trigger our fears and anxieties, our pain, and yet sometimes the causes are not so obvious and we do not understand why we are wrong.

Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

My name is Raquel and I am a Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist. My care work focuses on the following fields: - Assessment, prevention and treatment of mental disorders and socio-emotional disorders (anxiety, stress, depression, grief, phobias, etc) - Evaluation, neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive psychostimulation in Acquired brain damage (TBI, CVA and others), cognitive impairment and degenerative processes, dementias.


Nice to greet you! I am Aitziber Goñi Artola, a Navarrese living in A Coruña. I graduated in psychology from the University of Deusto in 2011 and that same year I began a master's degree in Applied Psychology at the University of Coruña. I have always been very interested in research and training and that is why I decided to continue my career with a PhD. Science-based psychology is the key to my therapy. I intend to be decisive, adjusting the sessions to what each patient needs. Constant training is what allows me to improve every day and makes my method have a clear foundation. I would like to be able to help you and I am sure that I will be able to make you feel better. Synesthesia Psychology is the center in A Coruña that aims to help you move forward with your problems through evidence-based psychology.

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